Everything You Need to Know About the Twitch Rivals Warzone Streamer Showdown

by in Call of Duty | Mar, 25th 2020

Twitch is providing players and fans with the first-ever major competition for Call of Duty Warzone since the game launched earlier this month. The Twitch Rivals Warzone Streamer Showdown is a major event that will happen this week with some of the most talented players around.

Twitch Rivals Warzone Streamer Showdown Is First Major Event for It

Twitch Rivals is an ongoing series of competitions that Twitch officially hosts and puts together, bringing together various content creators from that platform only. The games that Twitch Rivals covers vary greatly from MOBAs to first-person shooters to battle royale games like Warzone.

This Twitch Rivals Warzone Streamer Showdown event is the first one of its kind for the spin-off Call of Duty battle royale game. Though the mainline game Modern Warfare that it is based on has had several competitions in the past, this is the first for the newly released title.

A lot has happened in the past few weeks since the release of Warzone from new game modes releasing to an insane number of players checking it out since it is free-to-play. Now, fans are being treated to the first major tournament for the battle royale title and it is shaping up to be an exciting one.

Twitch Rivals Schedule

Fans will be able to watch the Twitch Rivals Warzone Streamer Showdown event when it kicks off today, Wednesday, March 25 at approximately 1 pm PT. So, if you are reading this right now, chances are that the event is already happening and you can tune in to see the action live.

The event will go on for two days this week, starting today and finishing up tomorrow, Thursday, March 26, beginning at the same time as the first day. Throughout the two days, players from around the world who are from Twitch will compete to see who will be the early contender for one of the best Warzone players out there right now.

The two days of competition in the event follow up on the qualifying period that happened earlier this month. Players were able to start registering and qualifying around when the game first released and that period of time came to an end last weekend.

Now the gloves are off and players are ready to compete in two days of intense battle royale action across the massive map of Verdansk. We are going to let you know everything that you need to know about this exciting event.

How to Watch Twitch Rivals Warzone Streamer Showdown

First and foremost, if you are looking to watch the event, you can do so live right as the event is happening. There are a couple of different places that you can do so. The easiest is by heading to the official Twitch Rivals channel on the live-streaming platform on all supported devices.

The Twitch Rivals channel should be streaming all of the matches live as they happen, so you won’t miss out on what happens during the event. If you do miss it, though, you should be able to watch the archived broadcasts on the channel later on afterward.

Besides watching on the Twitch Rivals channel, you will also be able to watch on each of the participants’ official Twitch channels. This is especially great if you have a particular content creator that you like to watch and want to see everything that happens to them directly.

Tournament Format and Prizes

The Twitch Rivals Warzone Streamer Showdown tournament format is a rather interesting one as players will compete in the two days of competition, but it is divided up into two different events. The first day happening today will feature only the solo competition.

Players in this competition will compete in only a solo tournament where every content creator is there for themselves. They will battle it out in battle royale to see who can be the lone wolf to survive against the rest. It will follow an interesting format where there is no private match, though.

Instead, players will compete in the public matchmaking system for a time limit of three and a half hours once the event starts. Unfortunately, any game that starts within 10 minutes of the tournament ending will not count towards the event but everything else before that is game.

At the same time, though, players are only allowed up to 20 matches in total for day one to count for their points. That’s right, players will get points for how well do they in the match like the number of eliminations that they get plus the placement they reach in the match itself.

Every elimination that a player gets in the match will give them one point towards their placement on the leaderboard in the event. Then, if they place in the top 60, they will get two points, top 40 is two points, top 25 is also two points, top 10 is another two points, and top seven is as well.

This follows the same pattern of two more points for the top four, top three, top two, and lastly, getting the overall victory for the battle royale match. There are also three bonuses for getting the most kills in one match, the most overall kills out of all of the matches, and the most victories in all of their matches.

The points will determine who gets what place and prizes. The second day of competition will be a similar format but instead of solos, it will be about teams of three players each. The points given away and placements will slightly differ but follow the same format of awarding based on place and eliminations.

The prize pool is surprisingly massive for the Twitch Rivals Warzone Streamer Showdown. There is a total of prize pool of $200,000 that will be given out, half of it on one day and the other half on day two. You can find the full prize board for the event below:

  • 26th-30th place: $300
  • 21st-25th: $450
  • 16th-20th: $600
  • 11th-15th: $750
  • 10th: $1,200
  • 9th: $1,500
  • 8th: $1,800
  • 7th: $2,100
  • 6th: $2,400
  • 5th: $2,700
  • 4th: $3,000
  • 3rd: $3,600
  • 2nd: $4,200
  • 1st: $6,000

There will also be bonus money awarded based on the three players or teams that fulfill the bonuses for that day. Some of the top players who will compete in the event will be popular Twitch content creators like Dr Disrespect, TimtheTatMan, SypherPK, Aydan, NickEh30, DrLupo, and many more.


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