Twitch Rivals Tournament Faces Backlash on Legends of Runeterra Timer

by in Legends of Runeterra | May, 15th 2020

Though DogDog came out on top with a deck in Legends of Runeterra that is not considered top-tier, the event is mired in controversy. Twitch Rivals decreed that matches would have a 50-minute time limit. While initially, I thought it might not be a big deal, the community outcry about it has been massive. In particular, Mogwai and Swim (MegaMogwai, Swimstrim) got caught in the middle of it. Boy, was I wrong! So let’s get into the meat of it.

What Went Down?

It sounds like this 50-minute time rule was not popular during the Legends of Runeterra Twitch Rivals tournament. In particular, it came down to a draw between Mogwai and Swim during round two of Swiss rounds. These 16 streamers were duking it out for that first place $20k prize, and that is not a small chunk of change.

So, here’s how it works. At the end of 50 minutes, there will be three rounds to finish up. If after that, no winner is found, the tiebreakers will determine who advances and decreed a draw. Mogwai and Swim are no strangers to card game tournaments, and are, on top of that, both control players.

The purpose of a control deck is to slow the pace of the game and lock things down. Control-decks take time and patience to play, which can be detrimental with a 50-minute time limit. They have to take time each round to make sure they don’t mess up. During the Twitch Rivals event, Swim was in two matches where the timer ran out. First against Kripp, where he conceded. The second was against Mogwai, the match in question.

Twitch chat was understandably upset about the decisions made here. Many of the viewers feel like Swim purposely roped the timer down to put himself in a favorable position. Just as many comments were about as awful and vile as you can expect Twitch chat to be. “Roping” is a digital card game turn. Each turn has so much time where you have to take action or end the turn. Waiting for that timer to begin every turn is “roping.”

Players do this for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, it’s simply because they have to think hard about what they’re doing. More often than not, sadly, it’s people waiting you out to troll or to make you quit instead of them having to take a loss.

Swim Issues a Statement

Swim, however, put out a statement on Reddit concerning this. “Nobody has been more against harsh time constraints in Runeterra tournaments than me, this is something I mentioned multiple times in other tournaments in the past,” Swim said. “One of them, I can’t quite remember, I think it was Duels of Runeterra 4 or 5, I quit the tournament partway through because of the time constraints the incentives they created. I think they create pretty awful incentives and are very abusable.” Swim seems very sincere as a person. If he says he didn’t intentionally rope Mogwai down, I’m willing to believe it.

He also pointed out that he would have conceded his win to Mogwai if he were allowed. Sadly, that is against Twitch Rivals rules. This draw prevented Mogwai from making the top 8. It’s generally accepted that Mogwai would have won the match and moved on in the Twitch Rivals Legends of Runeterra tournament.

The rules weren’t broken, though many in the audience think otherwise. This was supposed to be an exciting and fun event for the Legends of Runeterra community but is instead, mired deep in controversy. We understand not wanting the matches to go on too long. But Legends of Runeterra already has a system in place to prevent the excess roping we see in MTG Arena and other card games. This was a very bad move on Twitch Rivals’ part. Hopefully, going forward, they will not make the same mistake twice.

A 50-minute timer rule was one that could have been avoided but unfortunately was not. However, it’s not all doom and gloom! DogDog won first place, in some pretty heated matches against the likes of Pokrovak, Evangelion0, and Swim. DogDog swept Swim downriver, using the might of Noxus.

In particular, DogDog ran a deck that isn’t necessarily top-tier, but it worked for him. He used a Twisted Fate/Swain deck, built around taking advantage of cards like Pilfered Goods. He was aiming to level up Swain, and deal unrestricted damage to the other players Nexus. His Noxus/Piltover&Zaun deck ran uncontested against so many players. Swim’s Elise/Vi Corina deck was no match for it in game one of the finals. Game 2 of the finals was a mirror match, with DogDog coming out on top.

That’s not to say that Corina Control is bad, far from it. It was one of the most prevalent decks during the event, alongside Deep/Sea Monsters. However, DogDog proved that Noxus is the mightiest of all, coming out on top and winning that sweet first-place prize.

But was the 50-minute timer needed at all? Could this have been prevented, do you think, by not having it in the first place? And most of all, if Mogwai had won, could he have stopped DogDog’s Swain Pain Train? We’d love to know!


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