Twitch Rivals Teams Up with Maximillion Dood to Run Mortal Kombat X Lives

by in Fighting Game News | May, 13th 2021

Twitch Rivals is returning once again for another retro fighting game throwback tournament. This time instead of playing something like ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 or Street Fighter 3rd strike, they are instead opting to play Mortal Kombat X.

The Tournament and Who’s Involved

while Mortal Kombat X might not be considered a retro game, this is not the first time that Twitch has decided to play a more recent game rather than retro. Twitch Rivals had previously done a killer instinct live tournament on their platform back in February of this year. The gentleman who hosted that tournament, Maximilian Dood, is also hosting the Mortal Kombat X Twitch Rivals tournament.


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