Twitch Rewind Feature May Be Coming in the Future

by in Entertainment | Oct, 21st 2021

In addition to “Remind Me” and “Watch Trailer”, a “Rewind” button could be a feature we see on Twitch. It’s important to try and change the game up, and Twitch has these new features on the way. We saw the announcement on Twitch yesterday, and they come at a critical moment. Amazon’s streaming giant is under fire for the titanic data leak, issues in their game New World, and streamers losing payments to hackers. But this could be an interesting new way for stream viewers to clip and watch exciting, funny, or hype moments in their favorite streamers’ games.

Testing Over The Next Month

Why a rewind feature though? It’s something that you can already do on Youtube streams, first off, so it’s only natural that Twitch would get it eventually. Did you show up late, or afk out and miss something incredible? You would be able to rewind and see it for yourself. It’s also a much easier way to clip something as a fan. Make sure that awesome (or embarrassing) moment doesn’t get missed! Twitch went over it on Twitter:

“Over the next month, some viewers may see up to 3 new buttons on live channels pages: Rewind the Stream, Remind Me, & Watch Trailer. This experiment will inform future features only and the buttons will be removed once it’s complete.”

If you’re one of the Twitch users who have access, they’re also looking for feedback. This feature does exactly what you think it will – you can rewind a live broadcast, and should let you go back further than simply clipping something. The other features are also interesting, in addition to the Twitch Rewind feature. Remind Me will remind you when your favorite streamers go live. This sounds like it will be similar to the push notifications on your phone.

The final new button is “Watch Trailer”. This will let a new viewer watch your channel trailer without having to go anywhere to do it. You can do it at the press of a button. These features are going to be rolled out for select Twitch users over the course of this month. There’s no telling if any of these features will ever be a real thing, but the Rewind feature, if nothing else, should have already been a part of the Twitch experience.


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