Twitch Plays Fortnite Allows the Chat to Play Battle Royale Together

by in Fortnite | Jun, 19th 2020

Twitch Plays Pokemon and other games were among the most popular series of streaming that put Twitch on the map. While the streaming service was still growing, this series was among some of the most viral streams. Now, the latest development in this series is Twitch Plays Fortnite.

Reddit User Posts Twitch Plays Fortnite Clip

Not officially affiliated with the original Twitch Plays Pokemon, a Reddit user posted recently in the battle royale sub-Reddit about a Twitch streamer who was able to create a Twitch Plays Fortnite experience. The chat is programmed in a way that the viewers are the ones playing the game.

All the viewer needs to do, like in previous iterations, is enter specific keys into the chat. It will cause the player to move, function, attack, shoot and build their way to a possible victory royale. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this, a win has yet to happen, but it is pretty sweet.

The streamer in question is VODsearch, a streamer that is doubling as a company that hosts a website specializing in Fortnite-related stats for players. The video clip on Reddit by the streamer shows the first major accomplishment that the Twitch Plays Fortnite chat was able to do.

In one of the first streams of this kind, the chat was successfully able to build several ramps up a hill while running at the same time and make it up the hill with no major issues. This might sound like nothing at all. Quite frankly, it takes nothing to pull this off normally, but the fact that the chat did it together is impressive.

Twitch Chat Was Able to Ramp Up a Hill

Given that you have to hope that everyone in the chat is entering the right key presses to control the character in a way that sends them up the hill while running at the same time is difficult, given the speed of the chat and how many users are entering commands.

But somehow, Twitch Plays Fortnite was able to do it. The character was able to manage its baby steps towards a victory in the future. Sadly, their accomplishment was quickly cut short in the clip as they were eliminated soon after getting up the hill and building some more ramps.

However, they were able to place 18th in the match, which is an accomplishment, considering that the character isn’t the best at moving, so fighting other players would be difficult. To say that you were outlived by a player-controlled by a Twitch chat is pretty sad.

Digging a little bit deeper, the fact that there is a stream that allows viewers to control a Fortnite player is great. On the screen at all times is an image of a keyboard with the buttons highlighted with their respective actions that they cause if the viewer enters them into the chat.

How the Chat Function Likely Works

For instance, the standard move keys are WASD as you might expect so that the chat can enter one of them and the character will move forward, backward, and so on. There are also buttons programmed for more complex actions like shooting, building, auto-run, and so on.

Overall, it is an impressive feat that has been wrapped up into a simple, easy-to-grasp experience that anyone can join in and contribute to. In fact, the Twitch Plays Fortnite series from VODsearch was able to elicit a lot of Reddit responses from interested players.

It currently sits at 98% of votes being upvotes and lots of positive comments from the Fortnite community. One of these comments includes Epic Games itself, who has acknowledged this feat and showcased its excitement for what’s to come from the Twitch chat as it plays the battle royale game.

Epic Games Responded to Twitch Plays Fortnite

Reddit user EmptyTux who happens to be a community coordinator from Fortnite developer Epic Games noted their “thrill” upon seeing this live stream clip in action.

“The thrill of seeing chat build up the hill followed by almost building high enough to take fall damage is a special kind of roller coaster,” Epic Games community coordinator EmptyTux stated. “Excited to see how this progresses!”

With the start of Season 3 this week, this is an especially great time for something like Twitch playing the new season. This season has a ton of new content like a submerged map that is partially underwater, an Aquaman crossover skin, rideable sharks, and more.

With a Twitch feature like this, the community now has the chance to work together to ride a shark, complete challenges, and (hopefully) get a victory royale as a team. What is interesting about this whole situation is that the streamer VODsearch isn’t just a content creator for the battle royale title.

What to Know About

It is also a website that specializes in helping Fortnite players to search online and see if they have eliminated a popular streamer in a match or have been eliminated by them. It utilizes both Epic usernames and Twitch names to see who has killed who in the middle of a live stream.

This allows players to easily share a clip of what they have done to social media, so that everyone around can know that they have taken out a famous content creator in Fortnite. Plans are already underway for the next game to support this service, too, which will be the recently released Valorant.

Disclaimer: This author, Cody Perez, has worked with in the past but had no direct involvement in the site’s Twitch channel or the Twitch Plays Fortnite function.


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