Twitch Plans to Lowers Subscription Prices in Mexico and Turkey

by in Entertainment | May, 18th 2021

Twitch has announced that they’ll be changing the prices of their subscriptions for other countries outside of the US. As of now, their focus is on Mexico and Turkey.

The Price Change

Twitch has elaborated on the effort made by the company in a blog post on their website. “we’ve heard from fans everywhere that it’s not equally affordable around the world to show support, access custom emotes, and enjoy all the other benefits that come with being a subscriber. That’s because the price of a Tier 1 subscription on the web is roughly the equivalent of $4.99 USD in every country.”

Twitch has established that the core idea of this decision is to allow more people to support their favorite streamers no matter where they live. The way to do that is to change the overall price of subscriptions online for Twitch based on what country the viewer is in.

This would mean that not all subs would be 4.99 USD anymore. And this could be bad for some creators who make their living off of the site.

As of now, the pricing hasn’t changed as Mexico and Turkey’s local subscription price will be activated on May 20th, Placing Turkey’s new subscription price at 9.90 TRY and Mexico’s at 48 Pesos.

Creator Support

Twitch has gone out of their way to support creators by helping them out during the three-month transition into the new local sub prices, with the introduction of creator baselines. Twitch will be allowing creators to see their baselines in the upcoming changes. The goal of creator baselines is as follows: in the event a streamer manages to hit their baseline time for streaming but does not make the amount they usually make due to revenue changes, Twitch will pay them the full amount of money they would have made to make up any lost gains from the previous month. This will go on for three calendar months as the company is rolling out the price changes. However, the money will keep coming as payments will decrease by 25% every three months until 12 months have passed.

The goal for the creator is to stream at a minimum of 85% of their live baseline hours, which will make them eligible for Twitch’s “revenue adjustment incentive.”

Twitch is implementing the change in their local subscription pricing because they believe that making their subscriptions more affordable will incentivize more people to sub to creators. Hypothetically, this should double their revenue due to the large influx of viewers who now can afford their prices.

Twitch also mentioned that creators should prepare for the introduction of these price changes by overhauling their sub-tiers and reminding their viewers of the price change. Twitch has also included a list of the countries that will be affected when the price change happens. However, the only countries with official prices are Mexico and Turkey. Twitch seems like they are very confident in the changes being made to the platform, but the real test will be when the changes become implemented into the platform. Luckily for the streamers, Twitch seems to have their back as the subscription prices for Mexico and Turkey


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