Twitch Partners With the University of Chichester for Esports Degree

by in General | Apr, 9th 2021

If you’re a fan of esports and are looking for a degree in said esports, Twitch and the University of Chichester in the UK are for you. Now, we understand that this is in the UK, so don’t worry if you’re in America. Harrisburg University already revealed an esports degree. But for those in the UK, who are curious about an academic degree in esports, Twitch and the University of Chichester have teamed up. This is the first degree in the United Kingdom to have an esports degree that is examined through scientific study.

It’s very difficult to find a path into esports. If universities can help find a path for young up-and-comers, that could be a serious boon. Especially if these programs help enforce that there’s more to esports than simply being good at video games. Sure, that’s important, but there’s more to the system. We need coaches, analysts, trainers, and so much more. That’s not even considering the production (video and audio) side of things. Esports is a huge business, and colleges helping develop it has got to be a good thing.

Twitch Esports Degree: One of the University’s Fastest-Growing Courses

Now, the University of Chichester has had an esports degree program since 2019. However, now it’s officially partnered with Twitch. Perhaps this will lead to tuition aid/scholarships from the streaming giant owned by Amazon. Twitch partnering with schools like this that have an esports degree is pretty huge. Mark “Garvey” Candella, Director of Student and Education Programs at Twitch spoke about the announcement:

“We are proud to partner with the University of Chichester in bringing relevant and engaging education in emerging, new, and digital media through gaming and esports. We are very much looking forward to being of service to their faculty, educators, and student body.”

In addition to the aforementioned skills, thanks to the Twitch partnership of this esports degree, Chichester will also teach essential esports skills. These include public speaking, brand management, and giving them access to the gaming industry around the world. So they will learn the important stuff about maintaining a career, as well as how to build yourself up. It should hopefully also include something about ethics and morals. That way we have fewer issues with streamers and esports pros doing awful things and ending their careers early.

Applications for this BA (Hons) Degree in Esports at Chichester now has open applications, so if that’s your bag, don’t hesitate! They also have a Twitch site, which you can also follow.


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