Twitch May Add Controversial Brand Safety Score Rating for Streamers

by in Entertainment | Mar, 9th 2021

Update: A spokesperson from Twitch has provided the following statement: “We are exploring ways to improve the experience on Twitch for viewers and creators, including efforts to better match the appropriate ads to the right communities. User privacy is critical on Twitch, and, as we refine this process, we will not pursue plans that compromise that priority. Nothing has launched yet, no personal information was shared, and we will keep our community informed of any updates along the way.”

Twitch’s Brand Safety Score could negatively impact streamers with more mature content. That’s the hypothetical, anyway. It already happens on Youtube though. Videos that aren’t “Brand Friendly” tend to get demonetized right away. Thanks to some digging by people on Twitter, Twitch’s API revealed some new strings of code. What does this do? Well, it rates the brand friendliness of a streamer’s content through a variety of factors: chat behavior, ban history, manual ratings by Twitch staff themselves, games played, automod, and other things.

What Does This Mean?

If this is more “what kinds of ads a stream can run” and not “Mature content streamer? Monetization goes right down the toilet”, that could be fine. The Twitter user tayariCS offered the screenshot that shows all of this off. In theory, this is an interesting bit of code has been added, the Twitch Brand Safety Score. But is Twitch trustworthy? But having a grade for how well someone is behaving sounds very similar to China’s “Social Credit System”.


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