Twitch Leaks Continue as Alleged “Strike Guide” Goes Public

by in Entertainment | Oct, 11th 2021

The Twitch Leaks continue to be huge news, but a “Strike Guide” for the company was briefly leaked onto Reddit a few days later. It’s likely a part of the massive 128GB leak of the company’s data, and this is but this is one of the things found within. This sort of information has never been truly made clear by Twitch. They don’t want it well known what could be considered a “Strike”, or punishable by Twitch. Earlier this year, James “Phantoml0rd” Vargas claimed there was a secret Twitch Strike Guide, that was revealed during his trial. It shows the undisclosed list of rules violations that streamers could be punished for.

Over 30 Topics Covered in Twitch Strike Guide

Unfortunately, the actual Reddit document that was shared in this post has since been removed by the moderators. It featured more than 30 topics of what is and is not permissible on Twitch. Within, it talks about what things should take immediate action on (deny), or allow, or escalate to higher authorities within Twitch. From accidental-to-intentional nudity, racial slurs, and targeted harassment, and so much more. It talked about what is and is not considered sexual harassment, as well as gambling streams. While the initial post was removed, there are still a few comments made by Redditors.

One of the posters on Reddit talked about “support for a hate groups positive charity work,” which should not be permissible under any means. As TomboBreaker on Reddit points out, “Donate to the NAZI Food Bank, 10% of all donations go towards feeding the needy, 90% go towards being f**king NAZIs. Twitch: Works for me,” and if true, this is pretty reprehensible. To be fair, we do not know if this is a real part of the leak, or if someone is just taking advantage of the chaos to make Twitch look worse.

The document also apparently didn’t mention Dr Disrespect at all, even though it’s being said he’s blacklisted from the site. There ought to be some mention of him there, at least “Don’t talk about Dr Disrespect, don’t put him on your streams,” et cetera. We will keep you up to date as this story develops, whether it turns out this Strike Guide is a real part of the Twitch leaks.


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