Twitch Leak Reveals Top Creator Payouts on Platform

by in Entertainment | Oct, 6th 2021

As a part of a leak posted to 4chan, Twitch creator payouts got revealed to the entire world. If you’ve received a creator payout as a part of the Twitch system, it’s very likely that what you have made is a part of it. It’s not something people talk about, for a variety of reasons. Sure, viewers can guess by the number of subscribers a streamer has, but that’s not always reliable. That doesn’t factor in the tier of subscribers, if they are using Twitch Prime, and whatever cut Twitch gets. We already knew that some of these major streamers made tons of money, but it’s horrifying to see how apparently easy it was for one person to throw it all out there.

Twitch Creator Payouts Leak Is Real

Some have denied the legitimacy of the Twitch creator payouts leak, but there are other streamers that openly admit that it’s correct. For example, Big Jon of Tempo Storm said he looked at the revenue file to validate it, and “literally 100% match to my revenue, etc…”, and he’s not the only one who is noticing it. If you were eligible on Twitch for income from the site, in some way or form, your data is likely on this, and that cannot be good for anyone.


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