Twitch Launches Dedicated Esports Directory

by in Entertainment | Apr, 30th 2020

Twitch is the home of basically all esports on the Internet with a few exceptions. So, how did it take so long to get this update to Twitch’s website as a whole? We learned today that the Amazon-owned streaming service now has a dedicated esports directory on Twitch.

What’s the Scoop?

The idea is to make it more accessible, but how did it take so long to get it? Whatever the reason, it’s got to be a great thing for fans of esports. It’s to help viewers find esports tournaments, teams, as well as players’ livestreams.

This new esports directory on Twitch will list live tournaments which might be the best part of all. It shows live players who are a part of professional esports orgs and personalized recommendations based on your viewing history. If that’s not enough, there’s a sub-directory for compilations of active tournaments and leagues.

Did you miss a day of LEC, or aren’t too familiar with Rocket League esports, and want to be? Well, now you can do so. This is hot off the heels of another bit of recent Twitch news where we found that they signed a multi-year deal with ESL and DreamHack. This deal makes way more sense now! With more official, exclusive esports on Twitch than ever, the esports directory will make finding what you want easier.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an esports directory though. We discussed earlier this year about Juked.GG, which features esports broadcasts all in one place. Specifically, we talked about DreamHack Anaheim being shown there.

I cannot stress enough the confusion about why this took so long though. There are already websites putting together all the esports links and streams together in one place, but there is a major difference. People know Twitch. Popdog or Juked isn’t quite as well known. When my stream briefly left Twitch, a large portion of our audience refused to move because “We like Twitch. Why would we go to Mixer?”

That’s relevant because of Juked and Popdog. Now that they can do this stuff on Twitch without having to leave the website, why would they? Now it’s going to be up to these third parties to develop something that makes them stand out against the titanic Amazon streaming service. We hope they do though! Competition is awesome.


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