Twitch BTTV Emotes Lead to Ban for Unlucky Streamer

by in Entertainment | May, 12th 2021

A Twitch streamer has received a seven-day ban for images seen on the BTTV Emotes page. One of these emotes had a controversial image on it that was not safe for viewing on Twitch. For those unaware, BTTV is BetterTTV – Better Twitch.TV. It’s a website that hosts emotes to expand the possibility of emotes for your live streams. Now, these emotes aren’t always ones that would be approved by Twitch. You install a browser extension that lets you access emotes of your own design or from other streams. It’s a great way for smaller streamers to add more emotes for their audience.  However, AlternateAU was banned on May 11th for viewing one of these on his stream.

Talking About Double Standards

AlternateAU had the BTTV Emotes site up on his stream, and one of the emotes shown resulted in the ban. It looks like perhaps two naked men in a very suggestive position. Counting as “sexually explicit content”, he received a surprisingly lengthy ban. AlternateAU points out that this was his first ban in three years, so the week ban seems over the top.

Many of the emotes many know and love are from BTTV. MonkaS, Pepega, emotes like that are all a part of the system. This one unfortunate emote was sitting right on the front page, and this streamer had the unfortunate business of having the site up at the time. This writer doesn’t understand why we’d want to just highlight the page itself, since there is a potential for disasters like this to occur.

AlternateAU had this to say about his ban over BTTV Emotes causing his Twitch punishment:

“So I have been banned for 7 days for looking at this emote which was on the front page of BTTV yet borderline softcore porn is allowed in the Just Chatting section? double standards from Twitch? See you homies in a week <3”

It’s no secret that this emote would not have flown with Twitch. While we empathize with this as an unfortunate situation, calling out the double standards of the “Hot Tub Meta” is interesting. The responses in his Twitter thread are almost unanimously on his side though. The problem is though, that while not everyone may like the hot tub streams, they do more or less fall in line with Twitch’s current standards and rules. The rules just aren’t very clear and their punishment of the situations doesn’t always seem to be the same.

It’s important for streamers that use BTTV to be aware of the emotes they’re using/displaying on the screen. There’s always a chance one would not fly with Twitch, and result in punishment. The week-long ban feels excessive though, and there’s no telling why it was ultimately this long instead of just being a 24 hour, or 3-day ban.


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