Twitch Bans Nairo Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations With a Minor

by in General | Sep, 11th 2020

Typically, we’d start something like this with “Fellas, it’s not hard to get consent. Do better.” However, Nairo’s allegations involve a minor, so that’s disgusting. This morning (Sept. 11), Twitch banned Nairo and is no longer a partner with the streaming giant. However, Twitch has made no formal announcement of the ban. It is important to note that this follows sexual misconduct allegations with a minor, so it’s entirely likely that this is the cause.

There was a time when Nairo was one of the top Smash players in the world, maining a pretty ferocious Meta Knight. Now it seems like his streaming days are done, at least on Twitch.

It’s Certainly About Time

Twitch has stated recently that they will be permabanning people with serious abuse claims against them. What’s peculiar is how long this ban took to happen. The news broke about the Nairo allegations back in July. Twitch moved incredibly fast to ban ZeRo, but Nairo and Hassan’s bans took significantly longer.

The news of the ban came from StreamerBans on Twitter and the always-reliable Rod “Slasher” Breslau. Several recent bans on Twitch for sexual misconduct/harassment claims have had fairly lengthy waits between the outcry and the actual ban. That is what leads us to believe this is the cause of the ban. It’s also unlikely that Twitch will make any formal announcement concerning Nairo.

In July, CaptainZack accused Nairo of engaging in a sexual relationship with him while CaptainZack was still underage. The fallout was swift, with NRG Esports letting him go, and the fighting game community banning him from taking part in any tournaments indefinitely.

While there’s no definitive word on why he was banned, if the bans of people like Hassan, BlessRNG, and ZeRo are anything to go by, we have our answer. Was the ban justified? Should it have happened far sooner? Let us know what you think!


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