Twitch Ban Mini Ladd Following Apology & Admission

by in Entertainment | Feb, 24th 2021

Craig “Mini Ladd” Thompson caught a ban from Twitch after admitting to his inappropriate advances on some of his underage fans. The original apology and admission came a few months ago but has since said very little on social media. Perhaps that is why Twitch waited for the ban to be handed down since Mini Ladd was not active on the platform at the time. Back in December, Mini Ladd posted an apology video, but it has not, predictably, been received well.

This isn’t the first major content creator to get a ban for gross behavior, and it surely will not be the last.

Possible Permanent Ban

Mini Ladd had 750,000+ followers on Twitch, but the ban still dropped on him by Twitch. Reportedly, Mini Ladd was looking forward to a better year of content creation and seemed to want to get past this. But in what world does anyone think they can just move on after admitting to these kinds of allegations? It didn’t feel genuine, after watching the video.

According to StreamerBans, in addition to the Twitch ban, Mini Ladd is also no longer a partner. There’s even been a statement from Twitch, according to Rod “Slasher” Breslau:

At least Mini Ladd will not be returning to Twitch. We do hope he’s actually getting the therapy and help he needs, but someone with that kind of platform doing the things he admitted to, it’s beyond reproach. Someone with that kind of following has a responsibility to do right by it. Especially with young, impressionable people. Taking advantage of that is vile, and we hope it has come to an end.


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