Twitch Announces New Pool, Hot Tub, and Beaches Streaming Category

by in Entertainment | May, 21st 2021

Twitch has finally given the verdict on the Twitch hot tub streams, and it is to create a new section for those types of streamers. The new pool, hot tub, and beaches streaming category has been created as a space for content creators to have this offshoot of livestreams as much as they want. 

Twitch Finally Addresses the Hot Tub Streams

The topic of the Twitch hot tub fiasco has been in the works for a while now, and the streaming service has finally addressed the problem entirely in its new policy changes. It posted a lengthy post about the hot tub stream situation “after a lot of internal deliberation.” With the situation being a very nuanced one with both sides of the argument having their own strong thoughts on the matter. Fortunately, Twitch is taking a diplomatic approach that is addressing much of the concerns from everyone in the conversation. 

It began by, rightfully, noting that no one “deserves to be harassed for the content they choose to stream, how they look, or who they are.” This is a great stance to immediately take and one that Twitch is going to promote in the future with its policies. The service made it clear that it will take action against anyone who “perpetuates this kind of toxicity” on Twitch. This next part is one that directly addresses some of the arguments from some in the community regarding the sexiness of the Twitch hot tub and other similar streams.

New Twitch Hot Tub, Pool, and Beach Category Released

To be clear, Twitch still has the guidelines regarding the sexually suggestive content that streamers are purposefully presenting, but it has given its stance that just because someone is found to be sexy by someone else does not necessarily mean that they are breaking the rules. Furthermore, Twitch made it abundantly clear that it will not take action against anyone on the platform for their “perceived attractiveness.” To help with this, Twitch made it clear what the policies are. The fact remains that nudity and sexually explicit content are not allowed on the platform at all. This eliminates pornography, sex acts, and other sexual services from being streamed there. 

That said, streamers are allowed to appear in swimwear when they are in contextually appropriate situations. What this means is that they do not just randomly wear swimwear, but in a stream that makes sense, like in the case of the new Twitch hot tub, beach, and pool category. What this does mean is that not all sexually suggestive content is banned from Twitch; just those that are overtly or obviously sexual in nature. In fact, prohibiting every sort of suggestive behavior would likely result in Twitch having to be even more restrictive when it comes to the games that are shown on the platform since characters are sometimes presented in a sexualized manner. 

Twitch Has More Plans in the Future

Twitch is planning to update what it considers sexually suggestive content in the coming months too, hopefully, help with making the lines between what is allowed and what is overtly suggestive more clear. On the topic of ads, this is where matters get a bit more delicate in situations like Amouranth not getting the proper ads like before. In this case, Twitch made it clear that brands can target or restrict specific categories of content on the platform and even flag channels that do not meet their standards. In rare cases, this does mean that the service will actually suspend ads on a channel, such as what happened with Amouranth. 

Twitch noted that it failed to notify some content creators when this happened recently and that this was a mistake not to. Twitch said that it is working with these individual creators to address the situation and restore ads for them where it is appropriate. To help with this, there is the new Twitch hot tub, pools, and beaches category that content creators are able to use from now on. This is a branch off of the complicated Just Chatting category that was previously used for the hot tub streams and the like. 

Breaking Down the New Twitch Category

Just Chatting has simply become too huge of a category with too wide of a range of different streams happening there. To help with this, the Twitch hot tub, pool, and beaches category is here to be the clear place where you can appropriately wear swimwear (within the contextual exceptions of the nudity and attire policies). If someone wants to have a Twitch hot tub stream from now on, this is the place. If they wish to swim around in a pool or hang out at the beach, this is also the category to do it in. This is great news all around as it means that everyone knows where this content should go. 

Someone should not just show up in the Just Chatting category and see more suggestive content if they do not wish to. And those who are looking for the Twitch hot tub streams can more easily find it now with this category. This also helps the brands that host advertisements on the platform. They can now easily avoid this new category if they would like, instead of having to target specific channels, or specifically go after ads there if they wish. The new pool, hot tub, and beach category is live as of today and, as of the time of writing this, there is an overwhelming number of streams already happening with thousands of viewers in many of the streams, so expect this to be one of the largest categories on Twitch soon.


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