TSM’s Leffen Says Hand Surgery Is Required For Injury

by in Fighting Game News | Mar, 31st 2021

An incredible Smash Melee players around, William “Leffen” Hjelte will be having hand surgery, after a reportedly “very clumsy” accident. This happened just a few days ago, on March 28th, 2021. Things have just not been going well for Leffen in his attempt to grow as a Smash Melee player and streamer, he seems incredibly frustrated at how this is all going. We just hope that he can recover and get back on track soon.

Setback After Setback

Fighting games, especially Smash Melee can be incredibly hard on your hands. In fact, a thread back on 2013 on Smashboards talks about how Melee players (or gamers just in general) can increase their longevity in these styles of games. But sadly, Leffen confirmed the hand surgery will be required. Across a pair of tweets, Leffen had this to say about the hand surgery:

We hope that Leffen can step back, get the hand surgery he needs. Rest, recover, and come back to Smash Melee with a fresh perspective and the motivation to succeed. He’s already an incredible Fox player, and we’d like to see 2021 be the year he starts dethroning the Five Gods of Smash Melee. Depending on the break, it may only be a few weeks post-surgery, but it could be much longer. We at Esports Talk wish nothing but the best for Leffen as he endures this.


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