TSM’s Hikaru Challenges Obama to a Chess Match on Twitch

by in Entertainment | Oct, 22nd 2020

It sounds like TSM wants to get in on the hype AOC’s live stream had. Grandmaster Hikaru has challenged Obama to a chess match on Twitch! Has Rep. AOC changed how content creators and esports pros view the streaming service? That very may well be the case. After all, over 400,000 people tuned in to see AOC play Among Us, and talk politics. So with that, Chess Grandmaster Hikaru threw the gauntlet down to raise funds for a good cause, and for Joe Biden.

We could see this become the new way politicians get the word out. Instead of shaking hands and kissing babies, they hit up content creators on Twitch!

A Good Cause? Mixed Thoughts on This From the Fans

Former President Obama has not responded to the challenge as of this writing, but you never know. So what’s the story here? Hikaru was apparently watching AOC’s Twitch stream, when he was struck with this idea. The idea of streaming with big-name politicians is a new concept, and it’s so hard to do something new on Twitch these days. Whether or not he’s actively trying to promote something good, or simply riding a wave while it’s fresh, that’s for Hikaru to know.

However, TSM’s Hikaru Nakamura definitely challenged Obama to a chess match:

Not everyone’s down on the idea, but there’s always going to be naysayers and toxic people screaming on Twitter and Twitch. That’s what we come to expect by now. Would this pull as many people forward as AOC did? That’s hard to say. Both Obama and AOC are incredibly charismatic personalities, and TSM is a massive org. It really depends on how it’s marketed and advertised.

This writer’s question is more simple: What sort of strategy do you adopt when taking on a chess grandmaster like Hikaru? Hikaru’s signing to TSM is enough for us to see chess as an esport. What do you say, President Obama? Do you accept Hikaru Nakamura’s challenge for a chess match?


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