TSM LunarKats Dropped Due To Harassment Allegations

by in Valorant | Mar, 22nd 2021

Update: As per our own Jake Lucky on Twitter, we now know the reason LunarKats was dropped from TSM. LunarKats explained on Twitch that the reason for her removal is a Snapchat video from back in 2019. In it, she’s reported to have said some inappropriate things. LunarKats also points out that no slurs were used, but this definitely came out of nowhere. If someone dug this up from back in 2019, they likely did not have good intentions by searching it out. While yes, it’s important to take responsibility for the things we say and do, it certainly sounds like someone saw LunarKats was signed by an org, and dug the video up to try and harm the Valorant player’s career.

Due to harassment allegations dating back to August 2020, TSM has dropped LunarKats from their Valorant roster. This is unfortunate, as LunarKats was signed on to TSM just a few days ago, on the March 17th announcement of an all-women roster. It could not have happened at a rose time, as TSM is gearing up for the next VCT Game Changers tournament, as they had qualified for the next major. A few days later, LunarKats is removed from the team, and it’s going to be up to TSM to find a sub in time.

Mysterious Circumstances

Now, the reason for LunarKats being dropped from TSM is also just hearsay. Allegedly, it’s from a moment back in August 2020, when LunarKats was harassing another Twitch partner, SoaR Gaming’s Haleigh. It was said that LunarKats accused Haleigh of viewbotting and “sucking d*ck” to join Soar Gaming. That’s a repugnant thing to say to another person, and had no purpose being put out there in the first place.

Back in August, after the original harassment came from LunarKat, Haleigh replied, with screenshots of the Twitch chat harassment, and a Twitlonger. Haleigh said this in the Twitlonger:

“I started streaming on Twitch as an outlet for what was going on in my personal life and my mental health. I never ever started just to make money or get a lot of viewers and ‘clout.’ I genuinely had pure intentions and still do and I always will.

“The fact that you try to credit my success to ‘viewbotting’ and ‘sucking d*ck’ just screams jealousy.”

LunarKats was streaming when the announcement that she was being dropped from TSM, and immediately ended the stream. The former TSM player said she had to go and would be back in 45 minutes, but logged off.

According to a TSM post on Twitter, the decision to part ways was a mutual one, and they are presently looking for a sub so they don’t have to forfeit in the VCT Game Changers Series. We hope they can find someone, that’s for sure. There has been no official statement on why LunarKats was dropped from TSM, but this is the current discussion.  It’s such a shame that only a few days into the TSM Valorant run, this sort of thing came out. Whatever the reason, we wish TSM success in the future, and if we determine the actual reason for the departure, you’ll hear it here.


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