TSM ‘Forced’ Doublelift to Retire, Reginald & Leena Respond

by in League of Legends | Nov, 10th 2021

Just when you thought there wasn’t any more friction between Yiling “Doublelift” Peng and TSM FTX CEO Andy “Reginald” Dinh, along comes a “clash” of epic proportions, one that seemingly came out of nowhere. It seems that the smallest of sparks is more than sufficient to light a flame that takes days to blow over.

And, well, you’re either disgusted at this whole kerfuffle or have prepared ample amounts of popcorn and are enjoying the show. Either way, it’s worth talking about!

Who Started It?

As is so often the case, Doublelift made a few off-hand remarks during a recent stream on Twitch and, needless to say, things quickly got “out of control.” It became more of a confession rather than anything else, a disclosure and an explanation on what exactly had happened that had led to his “early” retirement.

“Honestly I [expletive] hate TSM, mostly because of Andy. I actually remember this now, yeah, SwordArt called me afterwards and said ‘I’m coming to TSM, are you sure…’ like, he still wanted to play with me. And I called Andy and told him ‘yeah, SwordArt still wants to play with me and I would love to continue to play for the org’ and Andy literally just said no because he’s got too much of an ego. It’s [expletive] so cringe,” said Doublelift on Twitch.

It didn’t take long for Reginald to respond, and he did so in a much more controlled, “high road” manner. He gave his side of the story and talked at length about Doublelift’s unwillingness to commit — amongst other things.

“He is clearly the best or one of the best players in his role ever to play in NA, but despite his skill, he is difficult to work with and his teammates and staff on multiple teams in the past have chosen to remove him because of it. He needs to understand that every spot is earned, not guaranteed,” Reginald said. He then went on and gave a “summary” of sorts on the reasons why the two parties had parted ways when everyone least expected it.

“He was exploring his options and we were not interested in working with him for these reasons: He’s always changing his mind on whether he wants to play or retire; His teammates/coaches don’t like working with him; If he doesn’t like you or doesn’t agree with your decision making, he flames you publicly,” Reginald concluded.

Turns out that having two ego-driven individuals under one roof wasn’t exactly a recipe for (long-term) success. Picking a side is never easy, and it is made all the more impossible given their history — both mutual and individual.

Aileena “Leena” Xu, TSM FTX President, briefly touched on the matter as well.

It’s All a Mess

The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle, as is so often the case. Both Reginald and Doublelift have made egregious mistakes during their working relationship and their most recent assessments are surely just as flawed and subjective, so it’s best to not take anyone’s side.

Doublelift and TSM will now part ways, which means that this legendary marksman almost surely won’t be able to find a team to compete for in the 2022 competitive season. Still, a lot can change in a few months’ time, so there’s still hope!


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