TSM Embraces Collegiate Esports With TSMU Program

by in Collegiate Esports | Apr, 7th 2021

TSMU is a new initiative from TeamSoloMid to help innovate the college esports scene. It’s hard to figure out how to begin in the world of college esports. But if you have the passion and want to grow in college esports, whether as a player or in another role, it sounds like TSMU will help you get on the right track. You love to see it. It’s never been all that clear how one gets into esports. But TeamSoloMid understands that and is here to help.

What Is TSMU?

The TSMU college esports initiative has already begun and will offer a wide variety of events that will sound familiar. Q&As with esports professionals, tournament watch parties, casual tournaments, and more to boot. TSMU aims to stand apart from other college esports programs in the sheer depth of community they will offer. TSM is a highly successful, profitable esports org, so the experience in various games, producing, casting, analyzing, all of this will come to the table.

TSMU will also provide opportunities for internships and career opportunities in the TSM organization, so students can try and learn and grow in esports with a proven, successful organization. This gives students who make it into the TSMU college esports program will potentially do some serious networking and industry growth. This program could lead to a future in esports for would-be collegiate esports players and fans, and that’s awesome.

“One of the most common questions I get asked is, ‘How do you get into esports?'” said Allie Hahe, TSM project manager and TSMU’s creator. “In this industry, there has historically been a lack of a clear path on how to get involved, so it can be challenging for those who are interested in this business to even get started. This is why we created TSMU. We want to lead the way in creating new opportunities in the space, as well as providing education and insight for those looking to learn how they can work in the space.”

The central hub for TSMU is the TSMU Discord Server, which you can join via this link. Students, industry professionals, players, and TSM staff can all come together to join the conversation, connect with others, and participate in events. You can ask questions, share your own stories, and maybe make some friends and contacts along the way! This is an amazing concept, and hopefully, more esports orgs make this kind of move to ensure a path into esports is feasible. A variety of players and fans have that opportunity.


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