TSM Drops Entire Fortnite Team, Leaves Competitive Scene

by in Fortnite | Feb, 2nd 2021

One of the most unfortunate things in the world is when an esports organization drops players. This happens all the time in the industry as some players move on and other situations just don’t work out. But what is less common is an entire team being dropped but that has happened with the TSM Fortnite team.

TSM Cuts Entire Fortnite Team

Team SoloMid is one of the most prolific esports organizations in the entire world and one that has won countless awards and championships across multiple different games in the industry. They are a stunning example of the finest that esports has to offer and will likely continue to be for years to come.

However, that will extend to Fortnite battle royale, at least for the foreseeable future, as the organization has announced that it has dropped its entire TSM Fortnite team, effective immediately. This decision was announced this week and it is already a done deal.

The official Twitter account for the organization broke the news this week, noting that the whole TSM Fortnite team has departed the organization, including the full roster. There were only three players in total on the esports team but they are leaving the group immediately.

Those players who are now no longer part of Team SoloMid are Mackwood, Fernando, and Saf. This is especially unfortunate for Fernando whose actual Twitter handle includes the TSM name and will likely now have to change the username he has been known as for a while now.

Team SoloMid Is Leaving Fortnite Esports

These three players are some of the most talented Fortnite players in the entire world and, yet, this decision to cut the TSM Fortnite team was made anyways. But to understand the reasoning behind this decision from TSM, you have to realize that it doesn’t just stop with cutting these players.

It isn’t necessarily a matter of these three Fortnite pros not performing well enough or getting enough prize money to make their team still viable. Instead, it really seems to have to do with the general overlook of the Fortnite esports scene, where it’s been, and where it is going in the future.

The main announcement from TSM actually isn’t that the entire TSM Fortnite team has been dropped but, rather, that the organization is revealing that it is leaving the Fortnite esports competitive scene for the future and will no longer be participating in it.

This means that there is no need for a dedicated team in the organization anymore since Team SoloMid will no longer have a Fortnite team in general. Rather than be the main announcement, the loss of the TSM Fortnite team is simply an effect of the organization leaving the Fortnite battle royale scene.

All Three Dropped Players Are Some of the Best

This is a very sad decision for fans of TSM as they are one of the biggest esports organizations in the whole world and, worse still, the TSM Fortnite team was one of the best in thegame. Again, this literally has nothing to do with the performance of the players who were otherwise fantastic.

All three players — Mackwood, Fernando, and Saf — represent some of the top talent in the business. This is especially the case for Saf, someone who is a recognizable name across the industry, a powerful battle royale player, and someone who was able to place fourth at the one and only Fortnite World Cup that happened in 2019.

The team has even been at the top of the game when it comes to the few events that they were able to compete in last year. But it seems that TSM was not happy about the state of the Fortnite esports scene and where it is going, and that is, honestly, totally understandable.

I’ve briefly mentioned it before but the state of the Fortnite esports scene is quite concerning, especially when it comes to how Epic Games has handled this pandemic time. Rather than mold itself to fit the ever-changing industry, Epic has shrunk away and focused on quietly working on the game alone.

This Could Be Because of a Disappointing Fortnite Esports Future

There have been very few official Fortnite events in recent memory and, while this year does look at a glance better than last year, it doesn’t seem nearly as amazing or impressive as it should or could. An online World Cup event would be great, for instance, but that isn’t happening and Epic is simply shying away from anything major like that.

It is understandable that all events should be online in 2021, and we are glad that they are given the circumstances in the world, but not having any World Cup or something of that caliber at all online is a disappointment. It seems that Team SoloMid may feel the same way about the game.

That’s why this decision to cut one of the best and most popular Fortnite esports teams in the business makes sense, even if it is a hard pill to swallow. The comments on the announcement are filled with disappointed players, fans, and colleagues.

There are even some like ZexRow who commented wondering if he should watch his back in case he is next. Whether or not this was a joke is irrelevant as the situation is concerning enough to make him wonder, even though he is more of a Valorant player overall.

For now, it looks like the Fortnite esports players for TSM were the only ones who were cut as the streamers who play the game mostly but weren’t part of the competitive team are still in the organization from what we know. Regardless, this is an interesting sign of the future of Fortnite esports and not a great one, either. It will be intriguing to see if other organizations will follow suit with similar decisions, so stay tuned.


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