TSM Crumbled at Worlds, Doublelift Discusses Issues Leading to Defeat

by in League of Legends | Oct, 26th 2020

TSM got demolished during Worlds 2020 in League of Legends – a dreadful 0-6! How could this happen to such a team with a fantastic pedigree? Well, Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng has some thoughts on the issues that led to TSM being so free during Worlds. Spoiler warning: the way they treat scrims has a lot to do with it. It’s just another reason we think NA needs to do something about their teams, spending more time wallowing in their past instead of working towards the future.

Hero to Zero, Just Like That

TSM didn’t even manage a single win; it culminated with their mid laner Bjergsen retirement. Will he be a coach? Yeah, probably, but will he actively try to help his team grow? There’s no telling. TSM went into Worlds as the LCS first seed, but they were no match for better teams like Fnatic, LGD, and Gen.G. We didn’t expect them to come out and take first, but we also didn’t expect a 0-6 showing.

Doublelift went on his live stream to talk about the TSM issues during Worlds. As the senior member of the team, his words carry a great deal of weight. His words are pretty fascinating, so let’s figure out what he had to say.

“Losing trust in each other made us play even worse. After the first week, we probably had a 10% win rate in scrims,” Doublelift said. “I was grateful to win even a single game per day. A lot of the games were either over after level one or in the first five minutes. People on the team started ruining practice by coin flipping and playing stupidly. You need some discipline to stay focused on the goals. We lost all of our team play.”

Teams that don’t take scrims and practice seriously are teams that make mistakes like this. TSM’s issues led to one of the most memorable moments of the Worlds, but not from Doublelift’s skill. Instead, it came from Spica (jungler) ‘s nine-man sleep play. Spica comes from nowhere, drops a five-man sleep on Lillia; sadly, the rest of his team appeared to be asleep too, instead of following up. That was the most hilarious moment of the entire series, and it should not have happened. Watching TSM do nothing literally while Spica goes in shows me some major communications issues are going on with the team.

TSM a few years ago would have pounced and got at least a few of those kills secured. It seems like TSM doesn’t have the confidence they used to. Why? Because people are probably too concerned about their social image or their past laurels. TSM is not the team they used to be, and Coach Bjergsen’s got a lot of work to do to fix what has already become a habit.

First and foremost, get that confidence back and start taking practice seriously. If you don’t believe in yourself, others won’t either. It’s a squad with a pretty serious pedigree, but you wouldn’t know by watching Worlds 2020.

What can TSM do to fix these issues? Can anything be done? Is it too late to repair the team’s communication and trust issues, or do they need just to come together and work hard? We’d love to know where you stand!


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