TSM Apex Legends Pro ImperialHal Swatted On Stream

by in Apex Legends | Jan, 8th 2021

Swatting is one of the worst things you could do to another person on the Internet. When someone is swatted, local law enforcement is called about a fake disturbance. It has to be a serious accusation to have a swat team come to someone’s home and knock down the door. It’s not new by any means, but it’s something that has to stop. Apex Legends and TSM player ImperialHal was swatted on his live stream, on January 5th. This tends to happen to popular streamers more than ordinary gamers, but it does still happen nonetheless.

ImperialHal’s Safe

ImperialHal was streaming ranked matches when there was a sudden, very loud banging on the TSM player’s door. The sheriff’s department announced they were there, and there was no mistaking what was going on: ImperialHal was being swatted live on his stream.

The officers who came into TSM ImperialHal’s home were armed, but the streamer complicated, raising his hands and then getting on the ground. There was supposedly a very serious crime going down in this place, but that’s the point of a swatting hoax. A bit later, ImperialHal came back to say he was swatted during on stream.

That’s a good idea, and we certainly agree with the notion of streamers having a VPN to keep themselves safe. But the problem is that someone shouldn’t have to hide their identity when all they want to do is have a fun stream. We’ve seen too many lives lost and homes destroyed from swatting. It’s a serious crime, and there has to be some kind of solution. We’re grateful that Hal is okay, and that he didn’t get hurt.

I don’t know how he remained so calm during and after, but kudos to him. iLootGames posted a video of the stream from when it started and when ImperialHal returns. It’s absolutely disgusting that this could happen to anyone, but we’re just glad ImperialHal’s okay.


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