TSM Allegedly Signing a Wild Rift Roster From Brazil

by in General | Jun, 2nd 2021

With the word of a Wild Rift World Championship being announced, it’s no surprise that orgs like TSM would look into recruiting teams. The word is that TSM is looking to sign a roster in Brazil, and it would certainly be a huge move. Andy Dinh, TSM’s CEO recently discussed looking at mobile esports in a variety of regions – LATAM, SEA, and India. After some discussion with Ryan Wyatt on Twitter, Andy Dinh pointed out that he’s looking into expanding into those markets.

TSM Allegedly Has a Team Picked Out

According to Mais Esports, their sources state TSM already has a team picked out. This would be InZone (top), tetis (Jungle), mike (mid), petroni (ADC), and Sonyy (Support). TSM has yet to make any official announcements on Wild Rift, but if this is true, it’s the first step into a new world of esports. It makes sense to look at other regions for a Wild Rift team instead of NA, also. After all, we got the game much later than other regions.

So Brazil, who had way more time with the game than us, has a chance to be on a much higher level of gameplay. TSM has had rosters in mobile games before, especially the MOBA scene. For a few years, they had a Vainglory team, for example. They were also gearing up for a move into India with TSM Entity, but PUBG Mobile being banned brought that to a halt. There’s no telling what’s going to go on with that squad in the future.

Though there is no official circuit for Brazil, the Wild Rift Worlds would be the next best thing. Should the team come to North America, they would likely compete as a part of our esports scene. We’ll just have to see how this shakes up, but it’s very curious to see how this TSM Wild Rift roster comes together. Either way, this could mean big things for the Wild Rift esports scene. Quite a few orgs have branched into Brazil for rosters, so this wouldn’t be a shock either.


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