Tribe Gaming Raises $1 Million With Backing of NBA All-Star Gordon Hayward

By Jason Parker

March 26, 2020


Tribe Gaming esports

Tribe Gaming, a mobile-focused esports organization, made a massive announcement this morning. They have raised $1 million in seed funding with backing from NBA All-Star Gordon Hayward, of the NBA’s Boston Celtics. Another noted member of this funding is one of this author’s favorite professional wrestlers, WWE’s own Claudio Castagnoli (Cesaro).

Recently, Hayward discussed toxicity in gaming/NBA in a Twitch stream. Hayward, an avid player and fan of League of Legends, said that LoL gamers are 100,000 more toxic than his fellow NBA players. I mean, he’s probably not wrong though. I have never met more frustrating, angry, toxic people in any community, as I have in League of Legends. So, he’s not exactly wrong there. But, instead of focusing on the bad, let’s focus on some good!

Tribe Gaming, Assemble!

This is the first investment round for Tribe Gaming and has a who’s who in their investors. Evil Megacorp’s chief executive, Kristian Segestrale, and angel investor, Victor Krahn are among them. I’m personally thrilled to see more wrestlers investing in esports if I can be honest.

Patrick Carney, a prominent industry advocate and content creator focused on mobile gaming, founded Tribe Gaming. Jonathan Sakoucky is one of the first mobile esports organizers. He also helped found Tribe Gaming and bring this fledgling esports squad to life. Tribe Gaming is a growing voice in the mobile gaming field with more than 15 million subscribers on YouTube, with 67 million monthly views. That is nothing to sneeze at.

Industry analytics company Newzoo estimated the mobile games market would be worth $76.1 billion in 2020. The mobile gaming scene would be the largest segment of the market overall (accounting for 47.4%). Now that people must stay in more, thanks to COVID-19, this number could go even higher.

Tribe grew from within its community and still mobile-focused. Tribe Gaming’s mission is to unify content creators, pro players, and fans across the mobile gaming and esports globe. These funds will help build a new headquarters and content creator lab in Tribe’s hometown of Austin, Texas.

This partnership will see Hayward and Cesaro continue to be active members of Tribe, and produce content along with other creators in Tribe Gaming.

“I’ve been an NBA All-Star and made it to the NCAA championship, but I still get a rush when I’m taking down my enemy’s towers in a game of Clash,” says Hayward. “I’ve been a mobile gaming fan for a long time, and I can’t wait to help bring those experiences to more people around the world.”


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