Treyarch Is Reportedly Working on Zombies Chronicles 2

by in General | Aug, 6th 2021

One of the most beloved Call of Duty Zombies experiences is the Zombies Chronicles DLC released For Black Ops 3 back in 2017, almost two years after the initial release of that game. This iconic collection of Zombies maps is a fan favorite. Fortunately, a recent Zombies Chronicles 2 rumor could be hinting at a sequel. 

New Call of Duty Zombies Chronicles 2 Rumor Revealed

The latest Call of Duty Zombies Chronicles 2 rumor was revealed by industry insider Tom Henderson, who tweeted about the fact. According to Henderson, it looks like Treyarch is not only reportedly working on a second batch of Chronicles maps but that it is quite close to being finished. 

The initial part of the tweet from Henderson technically was not related to the Call of Duty Zombies Chronicles 2 rumor at first, but, instead, related to the general case of the Zombies game mode in Black Ops Cold War. Overall, the entire Zombies experience has been rather mixed for some players. 

There are many players, including myself, who have been disappointed with the lack of round-based Zombies maps in Cold War to date. It has one of the lowest Zombies map counts in any game period in the Call of Duty franchise. That is unlikely to change much by the end of the title’s life. 

Though the Onslaught and Outbreak experiences help with the overall lack of content in Zombies, they only do so to an extent and are also problematic. There is the fact that Onslaught is only available for PlayStation users for now with reused multiplayer maps and only two players, and Outbreak reuses the Fireteam maps. 

Mauer der Toten Is Reportedly Not the Last Zombies Map

So, there is not much for fans to look forward to in Black Ops Cold War when it comes to exclusive Zombies round-based maps. I would argue that the first two maps in the game mode were just fine, while Mauer der Toten is the best of the bunch by a long shot.

But it is unfortunate if Mauer der Toten ended up being the final Zombies-exclusive map in Black Ops Cold War. However, that is something that we do not expect based on what we have heard, as it is likely that we will get a new, traditional Zombies map in Season 6 or so. 

Fortunately, this is something that Henderson seemingly heard about, as well as the leaker noted on Twitter that he hears rumors in the community from players that the Mauer der Toten Black Ops Cold War map is the last one for the game, but this is not “the case.”

Instead, there is one more Zombies round-based map planned to come out sometime in September. Treyarch is already working on so much more Zombies content beyond that as well. If the new Zombies map is set for September, that will put it at likely just over a month away from releasing. 

At this point, that would even put it in the upcoming Season 5 for Black Ops Cold War, which is sooner than we anticipated since we just got Mauer der Toten. To have the fourth and final exclusive round-based map only a season later is a bit surprising. 

That is why that this might not be the case. I think the map could be pushed back to October for the sixth season, where it would make a lot of sense, too, in that spooky season. Regardless, the tweet from Henderson does not end there. It also brings up the Call of Duty Zombies Chronicles 2 rumor. 

Treyarch Reportedly Already Completed Zombies Chronicles 2

According to Henderson, Treyarch also has the Call of Duty Zombies Chronicles 2 rumored maps “ready to go,” but the leaker is currently unsure if they will come out in Black Ops Cold War or not. This is something that we have heard about in the past, so this is unsurprising. 

There have long been Call of Duty Zombies Chronicles 2 rumors that Treyarch has already created or is currently working on some new Chronicles maps. There is enough smoke to make us believe that there is a flame somewhere and that Zombies Chronicles will return at some point. 

But it is unlikely this late in the lifecycle of Black Ops Cold War for it to be the game that it happens in. However, stranger things have happened, like how long it took for Black Ops 3 to get the collection. There is still a chance with Activision noting that Cold War content will continue past where it was supposed to end with Vanguard’s release. 

It still makes more sense to release the new Zombies Chronicles 2 maps with the new Call of Duty game, Vanguard, instead. One of the ways to get fans wanting to play it would be to offer new Zombies content there. It would be a new experience. 

Unfortunately, none of these Call of Duty Zombies Chronicles 2 rumors state what maps we will see in this collection. The original bundle in Black Ops 3 was notable for remastering eight of the best and most popular Zombies maps ever, like Nacht der Untoten, Shi no Numa, Shanghai-La, and the Moon.  

A Zombies likely Chronicles 2 collection would fill in the gaps of the maps missing from the first bundle and possibly some of the maps from Black Ops 3 and other games. Stay tuned for, hopefully, more details about the rumored Zombies Chronicles 2 soon with the upcoming announcement of Vanguard. 


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