Toronto Ultra Wins the Final Call of Duty League Home Series Weekend

by in Call of Duty | Jul, 27th 2020

Without a doubt, Activision has crafted one of the greatest set esports competitions of all time. Even triumphing over the Overwatch League, the Call of Duty League has now proven that it is at the top of the competition list with the Toronto Ultra Home Series Weekend this past weekend.

Toronto Home Series Was the Last One of the Season

The Call of Duty League Toronto Home Series Weekend results are in. This was the most entertaining, shocking, and unbelievably awesome event that we have had this season. The inaugural season of the league capped off with a weekend that fans and players will never forget.

The Toronto Home Series was the final one of the first season of the Call of Duty League and the last chance for many of the teams here to get some points in time for the upcoming playoffs season. All signs were pointing to this making the event an unforgettable one, and it delivered.

All of the eight teams (with maybe the exception of one) that were here showed up truly in their best form yet and gave their best efforts at trying to earn as many points as possible. This is one event where we can truly say that teams gave it their all overall, and it showed.

Toronto Ultra Home Series Teams and Groups

Like all of the other Home Series Weekend events up until this point, eight teams in total competed in this past weekend’s event. Those eight teams all gave it their all. You can find them listed below:

  • Minnesota Rokkr
  • Atlanta FaZe
  • Dallas Empire
  • Florida Mutineers
  • Seattle Surge
  • Chicago Huntsmen
  • OpTic Gaming LA
  • Toronto Ultra: Hosts of the event

As you can see, four of the teams here were and still are in the top four of the Call of Duty League standings before this event. And then there are teams like Toronto and OpTic near the bottom of the barrel, but have shown surprising strength in the past.

Group A had Chicago Huntsmen, Seattle Surge, Toronto Ultra, and OpTic Gaming LA. The group seemed like an easy one for Chicago, especially compared to the second group. Group B, on the other hand, had the juggernauts of Atlanta FaZe, Minnesota Rokkr, Florida Mutineers, and Dallas Empire. Let’s dive into the Toronto Home Series Weekend results.

Toronto Home Series Day 1 Results: Mostly Predictable

The very best weekend of the league thus far began with a day one that had some slight changes from our predictions last week, but mostly followed what we expected to happen. The Toronto Home Series Weekend results began with the first four matches of the weekend on day one.

The first match of the day was Atlanta FaZe versus Minnesota Rokkr. This match went according to plan and started the event out strong because it was the first time in a long time that Atlanta showed up and reminded the league why it was ranked number one at the start.

Atlanta came in and destroyed Minnesota, having no problem whatsoever with this match, winning three rounds to nothing in a clean sweep. The second match of the day was a highly anticipated rematch of last weekend between Dallas Empire and Florida Mutineers in the semi-finals.

In the past, Florida had won more than Dallas, but the Empire showed up last weekend and defeated Florida to then go and win another Home Series Weekend. Despite this, we put our bets on Florida winning this first match only to have a rematch later in the event with Dallas winning that one.

We were slightly off for this prediction (at least for the journey to the same result) as this extremely close and entertaining match went in favor of Dallas, who barely won three rounds to two. Unfortunately, the next match wasn’t nearly as entertaining as the last one.

That match was Seattle Surge versus Chicago Huntsmen. The Huntsmen supposedly had it easy this weekend with a better group than the other one, and it showed in this match at least. Despite a first-round upsetting win from Seattle, Chicago didn’t let that slide easily and won three in a row to win this match three rounds to one.

Last but not least, the night’s final match was a marquee one and it featured the hosts Toronto Ultra taking on OpTic Gaming Los Angeles. We knew that this would be close, and it was, but the Toronto Home Series Weekend results were slightly different than we hoped. Toronto showed up for its hosting event and won this match three rounds to two.

Toronto Day 2 Results

Day one of the Toronto Home Series went largely as planned, but we didn’t expect the divergence that would happen in day two. The group stage continued on the second day with the winners match of Atlanta FaZe and Dallas Empire, which we foresaw as an alternative option.

Even still, we predicted that Atlanta would win so long as they were able to reclaim their former glory. The team had faltered for several weeks now. Fortunately, FaZe returned and delivered. Dallas had no chance in this match, losing it three rounds to nothing against FaZe in their second sweep of the weekend.

For the next winner’s match, it was Toronto versus Chicago in a match that we expected to go Chicago’s way, regardless of which of the two teams it was. But this match ended up being much closer than we expected. This is where everything started to go crazy with Toronto pulling through and getting the upset over Chicago three rounds to two.

The next match was a knockout one as Florida went up against Minnesota. This match was relatively easy for the Mutineers as they won it three rounds to one. This was followed by the next knockout match where OpTic showed its true skills once again and won against Seattle three rounds to nothing.

This led to the first tiebreaker of the weekend to determine who would move on from the most challenging group of the weekend alongside Atlanta. It was a rematch between Dallas and Florida. Like we expected here, Dallas came through yet again and swept this match three rounds to nothing.

Then it was time for the last match of the day: OpTic Gaming LA versus Chicago Huntsmen. In this match, we would have guessed it would have been OpTic and Toronto again no matter what happened before, but we were wrong. It looked hopeless for OpTic from the onset.

But OpTic refused to back down and came in with their best efforts here to defeat the already wounded Chicago in an impressive three rounds to only one for the Huntsmen.

Toronto Day 3 Results

Who would have thought that Chicago would have the easiest group of the series and still somehow not come out of the group stage and into the finals? This was insane and just the kind of stuff that fans and players want to see from a truly competitive league.

The final four teams were Toronto Ultra, the hosts of the event, Dallas Empire, OpTic Gaming LA, and Atlanta FaZe. Toronto faced off against Dallas in the first match and Ultra showed that it wasn’t done defending its home turf yet as it was able to pull through somehow and win this match rather easily three rounds to one against one of the best teams in the league.

Then the second match was OpTic Gaming LA versus Atlanta FaZe. This was the chance for OpTic to get an upset after nearly winning against FaZe a couple of weeks back, but that wasn’t going to happen here as Atlanta was finally back to its former self. FaZe won this in a third straight sweep three rounds to nothing.

Of all the teams thus far, it looked like Toronto and Atlanta were at the top of their games as they headed into the finals match. We would have anytime else guessed that FaZe would have won this, especially since they were at their peak in this event again, but Toronto pulled through in an amazing competitive match to barely win this three rounds to two.

Toronto Ultra Wins Their Own Home Series

That’s right, folks, Toronto Ultra came through and won their own Home Series Weekend this past weekend, which happened to be their first victory. The final Home Series Weekend didn’t go to Dallas Empire, Atlanta FaZe, Chicago Huntsmen, or Florida Mutineers; no, it went to one of the lowest-ranked teams in the league.

All four of the top four teams in the league were present and Toronto successfully stood against Chicago, Dallas, and even Atlanta to take down all three of the giants to win their first Home Series Weekend. An exciting start to a season doesn’t matter as much as how you finish and Ultra finished as strong as possible here.

This changes things as we go into the playoffs season as Toronto could be the team to follow through again on these top teams and potentially defeat some, if not all, of them again. This is one team that we will be paying close attention to as we head into next month’s events.

Final Call of Duty League Standings

Normally right here, this is where we would come in and give you the up to date Call of Duty League standings ahead of whichever event is next. But we are happy to let you know that this is the final time that we will show you the league standings for the inaugural season of the league.

From first place to last place in that order, here is the final Call of Duty League standings that will stick permanently for this season as we head into the postseason competitions:

  • Atlanta FaZe: 280 points
  • Dallas Empire: 260 points
  • Florida Mutineers: 230 points
  • Chicago Huntsmen: 230 points
  • New York Subliners: 140 points
  • London Royal Ravens: 120 points
  • Toronto Ultra: 120 points
  • Minnesota Rokkr: 120 points
  • OpTic Gaming LA: 100 points
  • Paris Legion: 100 points
  • Seattle Surge: 50 points
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas: 50 points

There are some changes, like the fact that Dallas has cemented itself as the second-best team in the league while Florida has officially knocked Chicago out of the top three. Then, Toronto came out of the bottom four to land in seventh place this week just from a single Home Series victory.

But the saddest story out of this weekend has to be OpTic Gaming LA, who made it to the finals and did what we expected and wanted to happen so that the team could be in the top eight for the playoffs. It would have happened had Toronto not decimated the competition this weekend.

Playoffs Are Next for the Call of Duty League

With all that said and done, we are now finished with the Home Series Weekend events in the first, crazy season of the Call of Duty League. But the season isn’t over yet. It is going to get crazier heading into the playoffs season.

This postseason is where the winner of the entire season will be determined. Atlanta FaZe may have come out on top this season, but they are not guaranteed to be the victors of the season. That is going to be determined next month during the playoffs and eventual championships.

Fortunately, all 12 teams will get to participate due to rule changes in the past to ensure that happens, so teams like OpTic won’t be automatically eliminated just because of slipping to ninth place. But what will happen in the playoffs is that teams will be assigned their starting places based on their final placements in the standings.

Some teams like Atlanta and Dallas will get to skip several turns and have a much easier chance at winning, while the bottom four teams have to go undefeated to win the championship title. The double-elimination tournament will begin next month with the playoffs section Aug. 19-23.

The playoffs will end with the top four teams left in the event. They will finish off the season with the championship finals Aug. 29-30. There, a champion will be crowned for the season with a lot of money handed out to teams based on how well they do during the playoffs and championship events.


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