Toronto Ultra Surprisingly Wins Call of Duty League Major 2

by in Call of Duty | Apr, 12th 2021

The Call of Duty League was created for moments like these. The Call of Duty League Major 2 just ended and it was something truly special. The playoffs last year were fine, the first Major was good, but they both lacked something special when it comes to competition.

Thankfully, this second Major did not disappoint in the slightest. There were several crazy moments throughout, a couple of which will go down in the history books when it comes to the franchise’s esports scene. We can only hope this means good signs for the future of the league.

Call of Duty League Major 2 Results: Day 1

The Call of Duty League Major 2 tournament was only the second one of its kind for the 2021 season, concluding the second stage on a spectacular note. As with the first stage, the competition went on for three weeks as the teams were divided up into two different groups.

After the normal play concluded, teams were seeded into a double elimination bracket for the tournament known as the Major. This is where teams had the chance to earn a ton of points towards the leaderboard that is important for the end of the season as well as shape the next stage.

If you missed out on any of the matches across the five days of the Call of Duty League Major 2, you can still turn around now and watch them on the official YouTube channel. It was absolutely bonkers and something that no fan should miss out on.

There are definitely some matches earlier on that were lame but there are some that every Call of Duty esports fan should watch, as they will forever be on the lists of top 10 bests of all time. But we’ll note those down below, so get ready for some craziness ahead.

Day one of the Call of Duty League Major 2 began with only two matches in the elimination bracket. This is where two teams were immediately dropped from the competition with no money to their name from it. Match one was the LA Thieves versus the Paris Legion.

The Thieves were in a terrible place for much of Stage 2 after being one of the best teams in the first one. Fortunately, this is where the team started to make a comeback with the newfound and long-awaited return of Drazah to the starting roster.

It was a darn shame that the Thieves dropped Drazah from the starting roster this year and they surely regretted that based on his performance now. But better late than never as we saw a Thieves team return to form in this Major, easily winning this match three to nothing.

Then it was time for Florida Mutineers to take on the LA Guerrillas. The other Los Angeles team had a comeback while the Guerrillas had an amazing week last week. At the same time, though, Florida needed a win here or else they would also continue in the rut they are currently in.

So, you would have thought that it would have been a closer match but that was not the case here. We had another sweep and we saw glimpses of the real Florida Mutineers strength once more, as they took out the darling Guerrillas team in a three-zero fashion.

With this, Paris Legion and the Guerrillas were the first ones out of the Call of Duty League Major 2. They will need to make some serious practice and potentially roster changes to keep up with the other teams in the third stage of the league.

Day 2 Results: Toronto Begins Its Cinderella Story

While the first day of the Call of Duty League Major 2 only had a few matches, the second day is where things picked up with a whopping four matches in a row. The first of these was a pretty exciting one for the implications and because it was the first for the winners round.

The winners bracket included the top six teams from the second stage of matches, with the first match being the hotly anticipated Dallas Empire and New York Subliners one. Could the Subliners show that they could best Dallas finally?

Well, the answer is, sadly, no. Once again, we had a pretty unsurprising result here and it was a sweep no less to make for the third one this Major. The boring start continued with the Empire once again taking down the Subliners and kicking them to the eliminations round.

The next match was OpTic Chicago and Toronto Ultra in a match that was a bit closer than some of the others but not by much. I have to apologize to Toronto here as they truly proved that they are not only returning to form like they did at the end of the inaugural season but soaring far above that.

They nearly swept Chicago here in a major upset, winning this match three rounds to only one. That kicked Chicago to the eliminations bracket in a surprising way, about a round earlier than I thought would have happened. But the action didn’t stop there.

The matches continued in the eliminations round with the next set of matches. The LA Thieves took on the London Royal Ravens, the latter of which was enjoying a nice one-round bye in this tournament. This was the closest match thus far and a pretty fun one to watch overall.

Both teams have made some huge changes lately and are experiencing better results because of it. That made for a nice competition here but the Thieves just came out the better team in the end, winning the first truly close match of the tournament three to two.

The next match was Seattle Surge, the other team in the bottom bracket with a round bye, and Florida Mutineers also hot off of its sweep win. But, unfortunately, Florida was unable to replicate that here as they lost this match fairly easily to Seattle three to one.

This eliminated Florida and London as the only other teams to walk away from the Call of Duty League Major 2 with no prize money.

Day 3 Results: Toronto Slips Against Faze

From there, we come to the third day with its own set of four matches in total. Once again, we began with the winners side with Dallas Empire taking on the Minnesota Rokkr. The Rokkr have proven to be Dallas’ weakness, defeating them twice this season.

As such, it turned out to be quite the exciting match with one of the most exciting performances of the tournament. However, Dallas just barely came out on top in the end of this one, winning it three to two and sending Minnesota down to the eliminations bracket.

The other team besides Minnesota to have a round bye was the current leader of the league, Atlanta FaZe. They took on the Toronto Ultra who was hot off of their upset win against Chicago. But Atlanta showed that it was the dominant force once more, winning this one three to one.

From there, we went back to the eliminations side with OpTic Chicago taking on Seattle Surge. Despite Surge’s nice win against Florida before, Chicago just couldn’t take another upset here and they were able to win this one fairly easily three rounds to one.

The next match was the LA Thieves taking on New York Subliners. This one was exciting as one of these teams was going home here. The Thieves showed that bringing back Drazah was the right choice as they won this one quickly and efficiently in another three-zero sweep.

Day 4 Results: Minnesota Gives Us One for the History Books

Day four is where the competition took some crazy turns and probably where you should start watching if you want to catch up. Saturday started with only six teams remaining. First up was an elimination round with Toronto Ultra taking on the LA Thieves.

The Thieves are coming off of their impressive run as one of the last place teams to now the top six while Toronto is coming off of an also impressive win against Chicago and an unfortunate loss to Atlanta. Any other day, I would have given this one to the Thieves easily.

But Toronto showed up and gave us a run for our money, pulling a Thieves on the LA team itself, winning this one in a surprising way three to literally nothing. This eliminated the Thieves but not after a fine run all things considered.

The next match was one for the record books, so please go and watch this when you have the chance. It was Minnesota Rokkr versus OpTic Chicago. In their past match, Rokkr saw the debut of Standy in a strong way, beating the Chicago team in an upset.

Here, it was not such a dominant situation. If you want a close match , watch this one as it is one of the closest and most surprising of all time. It is also one of the best matches in the history of the Call of Duty esports scene. Minnesota kicked off the match well, winning Hardpoint in a fairly close-ish way.

Then in Search and Destroy, Chicago dominated in Express, winning that one six rounds to two in a true OpTic fashion. From there, Minnesota had a show of strength of its own, winning Control three to one. But then it switched back to Optic who overwhelmingly beat Rokkr in Hardpoint on Moscow.

This sent us to a game five where it was Moscow again but for Search and Destroy. Despite Chicago winning Search so easily earlier in the match, it was not the same here. It was neck-and-neck until the very end in which we get one of the craziest finales for a match of all time.

It went all the way to the coveted round 11 of Search with Chicago dominating this round, quickly eliminating the Rokkr team until Accuracy was the only one left against three members of Chicago. It all happens in quick motion but Accuracy comes upon those three members just after they take out his teammates.

He fires upon all three of them who happen to be there just in a straight line for Accuracy whose, well, accurate shots line them up nicely to instantly take out all three at once and win the match in a crazy upset way. It is absolutely insane as we see, quite honestly, probably the biggest choke in history of Call of Duty. Chicago was eliminated here.

The final match of the day was the winners finals with Dallas Empire and Atlanta FaZe once more. It was also pretty much a repeat of last stage with Atlanta winning this one three rounds to one and moving on as the first team in the grand finals.

Day 5 Results: It Was All Toronto Ultra All Along

Day five was here with only four teams remaining. As predicted, Minnesota was here but they were not the standout surprise team as expected on the final day. That honor goes to another team who was spoiled if you read the headline.

The first match on Sunday was Toronto against Minnesota. After defeating both OpTic Chicago and LA Thieves, it was now time for them to go up against Minnesota. It wasn’t quite a sweep but it was definitely not a close match, either, as Ultra won this one three to one.

That eliminated Rokkr from the competition and they took their place in the exact spot that I predicted one team would. The next match was the eliminations finals with Toronto then having to take on the reigning champs: Dallas Empire.

They somehow repeated a similar match here, winning this one in a crazy way three to one. This put them in the grand finals against the current leaders of the league, Atlanta FaZe. This was their Cinderella story moment but they had just lost to FaZe earlier.

Even just making it to the grand finals is a testament and could have been enough for Toronto as the first team outside of Dallas and Atlanta to do that in the league. The meta was finally shaken up, offering a new challenger beyond the two teams it has always been about in the end.

It was neck-and-neck in the beginning with each team trading wins with one another in this best of nine match. But after it was three to three, Toronto came out once more in full force, despite playing two matches just before this one. The momentum built and they were able to win two straight round wins, securing the first place win as the Cinderella team of the league.

New Call of Duty League Standings

With the unbelievable run and win for Toronto Ultra, taking down OpTic Chicago and then eliminating the LA Thieves, Minnesota Rokkr, Dallas Empire, and Atlanta FaZe, we have one of the best teams in the league that has now shown up.

They were able to beat the top teams around and we can’t wait to see what happens with them in the future. With the conclusion of this crazy event, you might not be surprised to know that the current league standings are quite a bit different than they were before. You can find them below:

  1. Atlanta FaZe: 225 points
  2. Dallas Empire: 180 points
  3. OpTic Chicago: 140
  4. New York Subliners: 140
  5. Toronto Ultra: 125
  6. LA Thieves: 110
  7. Minnesota Rokkr: 110
  8. LA Guerrillas: 70
  9. Florida Mutineers: 60
  10. Paris Legion: 50
  11. Seattle Surge: 50
  12. London Royal Ravens: 30

Toronto has shot through the ranks to become a top five team while Thieves and Rokkr are tied with one another. Chicago and New York shifted little here while Atlanta continues to secure its reign at the top of the leaderboard. It will be very hard for anyone to match their points at this point in time.

But, no doubt, we are seeing some crazy changes and it will only continue soon with Stage 3. The teams to watch are the usuals like Atlanta FaZe, but now we have Toronto, LA Thieves, and Minnesota returning to glory and ones to watch.

One that might be a team to watch for different reasons, though, is OpTic Chicago who is going to need to return to the drawing boards this stage. They are still in third place but they will absolutely lose that place if things continue like they have been.

The same goes for the teams in the bottom four spots as some of them, like Florida and Seattle, have shown greatness in the past. Meanwhile, London will be one to watch as they will now get a full stage to show off how PaulEhx is working wonders for the roster.


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