Toronto Ultra Responds to Allegations of Mistreatment of CDL Players

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 28th 2020

Toronto Ultra as a CDL team has recently come under fire as to how they treat their players. The player at the center of this controversy is Brack, who is no longer with the team. Initially, Crimsix took shots at Toronto Ultra on their treatment of the CDL players under their charge. Part of his accusations state they forced their full roster (all ten players) to stay in Toronto during the pandemic and threatened to withhold payment on non-starters if they went home. In particular, Brack was at the center of this controversy, as a non-starter who allegedly wanted to go home for his grandfather’s open-heart surgery.

Definitely, a Choice to Make

There’s a lot to take in on this story, Some of it is conjecture and rumor, which Crimsix acknowledges. There’s a rumor that Toronto Ultra want a 50/50 prize winnings split from their team next year, while also paying them less than they’re worth. So if the prize pot is going up, and the players are going to get paid less? If true, that’s absolutely disgusting.

However, Toronto Ultra as an org has responded to the claims by Brack in a big way. There were two responses: One was an official, formal response, and the other is, fascinating enough, a Twitlonger on the official Toronto Ultra Twitter account. The Twitlonger move seems very petty and childish, and as a huge organization, is not the way to handle a situation like this.

Paulo Senra, Head of Global PR stated the following:

“We have a duty of care to all of our players and staff and that is a responsibility that we take very seriously. While we don’t discuss confidential employee matters publicly, we worked with our players and their personal requests during the current and ongoing global pandemic. In several circumstances, paid leave on compassionate grounds was granted to our players, while abiding newly-enacted laws, international restrictions, and essential travel requirements. Every player and staff member that was required to travel as a result was fully compensated throughout their leave. All of our decisions were and will continue to be made with the health and safety of our players and our staff at its core.”

Brack Responds

So Toronto Ultra make this standard blanket PR statement, saying they don’t discuss matters of their players publicly, they then make a Twitlonger putting Brack completely on blast. It seemed like Brack was willing to let things go, but since Toronto Ultra took him to task about his CDL players statement, Brack responded. In a post on Twitter, he offered an image with his side of the story, including a scan of a message about Brack’s staph infection he picked up. Brack’s response was far more professional and considerate than Toronto Ultra’s Twitlonger, that’s for sure. 


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