Toronto Ultra 2021 Call of Duty League Team Revealed: Not Much Has Changed

by in Call of Duty | Oct, 7th 2020

Toronto Ultra has been under fire lately for its rumored treatment of certain players on its roster and the lack of pay in certain situations. That said, now the team is making news this week for the final reveal of its roster. That’s right; the Toronto Ultra 2021 team has finally been revealed.

Toronto Ultra Is Making Bare Minimum Changes to Its Roster

Though there are still many other teams that have still yet to reveal their starting lineup, Toronto Ultra joins other teams, including Seattle Surge, Atlanta FaZe, and many others that have. But unlike those teams, the Toronto Ultra 2021 team is not as exciting as you might expect.

The Call of Duty League is gearing up for its second season next year. All teams have to make some changes to their rosters while most of them are making major ones through it. However, that isn’t the case for Toronto Ultra, who is only making minor changes for the next season.

The Call of Duty League team that finished as one of the best in the business seems to be implementing the “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” approach to the next season. Since the team was able to improve over time and get good, there are little changes needed.

That is likely why the Toronto Ultra 2021 team will be one of the few in the entire league, making only the bare minimum changes to its roster. The starting roster has been officially announced. It is the same as it was at the end of the postseason tournament.

Toronto Ultra 2021 Team Announced

The Toronto Ultra announced its roster on Twitter recently, showcasing the four players making up their starting lineup in 2021. The Toronto Ultra 2021 team will, according to the team’s leadership, be better than Batman, Ryan Gosling, Homer Simpson, and Michael Scott.

Those four players will be extremely familiar to existing Toronto fans as they are all from the 2020 season’s starting lineup. Those four players are none other than Cammy, CleanX, Bance, and Methodz. This might be surprising to some fans since we didn’t know about two of them until now.

Cammy and CleanX had their contracts extended and were confirmed to remain with the team for the 2021 season. But until now, it was uncertain who would be joining them as the other two starting players.

This was especially concerning after the Toronto Ultra let go of a whopping six players previously after having the largest roster in the entire Call of Duty League with 10 people in 2020. The team let go of many of its players, some of which were controversial, including Classic, Brack, MettalZ, Lucky, Mayhem, and Classic.

Classic Is the Only Starting Player Not Returning

That left Methodz and Bance as the remaining two players from the team who didn’t have their future confirmed for them. But now we know that Toronto Ultra has officially extended their contracts, rounding out the starting lineup with four of the five players from 2020.

With Classic’s exception, the 2021 team will be essentially the same when it comes to the starting lineup as it was at the end of the 2020 season. It seems that Toronto Ultra is one of the few teams in the entire league to believe in its season one team for the second season.

After all, we haven’t officially heard of any other team like the Toronto Ultra who keep their starting roster intact. There are teams like Dallas Empire that we expect to have the same starting roster minus Clayster, but that hasn’t been formally confirmed at this time.

This does make it seem like the Toronto Ultra has faith in the roster to continue the improvements they made at the end of the inaugural season and get even better in the second season. Though the team only came in seventh place at the end of the normal season, they improved greatly.

Toronto Ultra Has Been a Complicated Team

Toronto was one of the most underwhelming teams in the league for most of the season and one that we didn’t give much thought to. But they rose out of the pit that included teams like Seattle Surge and Los Angeles Guerrillas to land in seventh place in the 2020 season.

This allowed them to start in the upper bracket of the postseason competition. They landed in the fifth-place spot, tied with OpTic Gaming LA, who was also impressed with their improvements and narrowly missed out on the Call of Duty League Championship Weekend.

After the league concluded its first season, the announcement was made that the next season would feature Black Ops Cold War as expected but that the matches would switch back to the classic four on four. Though this was a welcome change, it did come at the cost of one starting player per team.

Toronto Ultra has made the bare minimum change to its starting lineup by simply removing one of the starting players (Classic) from the roster plus all of the substitute players. With other teams making huge moves, this could either be very good or very bad for them. But this isn’t the only move from Toronto that could be considered controversial.

The team has been the subject of controversy lately after Crimsix of Dallas Empire fame and current champion claimed that the team did not allow some players to travel to move back home during the pandemic and wouldn’t be paid if they did. This especially affected the former sub Brack, which led to some terrible responses from the Call of Duty League team.


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