Top Ranked League of Legends Player Arrested Mid-Match at Cafe

by in League of Legends | Aug, 16th 2021

Hearing that a high-ranked League of Legends player was arrested mid-match, even more, interesting that they’re a wanted criminal. One of the traditions at Chinese net cafes is if you’re a high-ranked League of Legends player, they announce it. It’s a marketing tool for the cafe, and the player gets an ego boost (and typically discounts on food/drink). The other players may feel more compelled to play at that net cafe because high-ranking Challenger players frequent it. Maybe they could learn from them, or pick up tips. According to a user on Reddit, this also happens when you’re on your lower-level accounts (Smurfs). In today’s news, Police officer Yihao Zhang arrested a wanted player thanks to their League of Legends account. 

A Chance Encounter Leads to a Detained Criminal:

Apparently, this arrested League of Legends player has become a meme in China, thanks to how ridiculous of a situation it is. This is a player who knows the customs and should have expected to be announced when playing at a net cafe. Perhaps they didn’t think the police would be able to trace him through League of Legends, but here we are. It’s important to remember that League of Legends is the biggest game in the world. 

The way this story went down, is a police officer (Yihao Zhang) happened to be at a new internet cafe, thanks to a friend inviting them. They were waiting for a match to load, and an announcement came over the speaker, that Ionia Server’s Rank 1 player is online. Ionia is the oldest server in China for League of Legends. There are 29 servers in China, and each host up to 650,000 accounts, and this player is number one. So naturally, Yihao Zhang was curious and made his way over to look. 

It was then when the police officer noticed the League of Legends player is a wanted man for a civil assault case and was thus arrested mid-match. The officer quietly called for backup, and the League of Legends player was arrested. So you never know why someone goes AFK in your match. They could be a toxic troll, or they could be a wanted man or woman. 


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