Top Lane Bruiser Gwen Is the Newest League of Legends Champion

by in League of Legends | Mar, 26th 2021

Gwen, a brand-new AP top lane bruiser, will be joining the ever-growing League of Legends champion roster! And boy does she look like an amazing addition! Before we delve any deeper into what she might bring to the table — and how big of an impact she might have on the game — make sure to watch Riot’s official teaser! It definitely sets the tone for what’s to come!

A lot of people expected Isolde, the wife of the Ruined King Viego, to be the next champion in line, but that’s not the case. Whom we’re getting, however, is Gwen, a doll that was once created by Isolde. It’s hard to confidently decipher what actually happened (Gwen’s lore will surely be an interesting read), but by the looks of it, Gwen was somehow brought to life many centuries after Isolde’s passing. Once this skillful seamstress died, Gwen was locked inside a box and then subsequently tossed into the ocean where she remained until a fortuitous event set things in motion, according to a short snippet Riot provided.

Fortunately, we also have a full-blown champion trailer to sink our teeth into!

New League of Legends Champion — Gwen

Armed with nothing else but (humongous) scissors, needles, and thread, Gwen is able to maneuver the Summoner’s Rift with staggering ease. She’s quick, nimble, and surprisingly swift in her attacks. As for her ability kit, it’s still too early to predict anything with confidence. Still, based on her reveal trailer, it’s obvious that she has some kind of CC immunity. What kind of immunity, however, still remains to be seen. Some are speculating that the zone she activates blocks all incoming projectiles. Others, however, are claiming she can block CC abilities from any target she marks with her auto-attacks/abilities. Only time will tell which of these theories — if any — is correct.

There’s also a good chance that she might be untargetable at some point, but we’ll leave the speculation for another time and place. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait long to find out exactly what she’s capable of! In any case, based on everything that we’ve seen thus far, it’s fair to say that Riot has yet another “winner” on their hands. Gwen looks like a great addition to the game and the fact that she’s an AP bruiser makes her release all the more exciting!

We’ll be back with an in-depth Gwen breakdown in a couple of days, so stay tuned for more coverage on League of Legend’s newest champion!


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