Tommey Banned From Twitch Allegedly for ‘Leaking Personal Details’

by in Call of Duty | Feb, 24th 2021

Thomas “Tommey” Trewren has been a hallmark of integrity in Call of Duty, but that didn’t stop Twitch from banning his account after allegedly leaking personal information about someone in one of his stream vods, despite Twitch being unable to furnish the evidence to support that.

“I’ve been on Twitch for over 10 years, it’s been pretty much my life and one of the only things I’ve enjoyed doing since then,” Tommey said in a Tweet on the situation. “Tough spot right but I appreciated the support from you all and I’m sure everything will fall back in place soon.”

Tommey’s Ban Points Out Twitch’s Enforcement Shortcomings

It was revealed that one of Tommey’s vods revealed “non-sensitive personal information” that had been deleted. He was not given the clip or context of what was being referred to.

“I received a very vague reason without any clip or context,” he elaborated on the situation. “This not only ruins the progress and growth we’re making but also stops me from competing in any form of WarZone Tournament and also play with anyone who’s streaming on Twitch. No clue what to do.

This isn’t the first time this has happened, and there are even examples of it happening recently – Cloud9’s Zeko was also banned and not given an exact reason. Of course, there are more famous examples as well – for example, the infamous Dr. Disrespect ban, which remains a mystery to this day, though it’s possible that the Doc himself knows why and just isn’t telling anyone.

Twitch continues to have issues with this – their enforcement is not only extremely selective, it’s also a bit unfair that it doesn’t give streamers enough tools to appeal the suspension, especially when they are left in the dark on the reasoning for the ban in the first place.

Tommey has been a paragon of the Call of Duty community, being one of the few streamers that will call out WarZone cheaters specifically in events. Not only that but he’s been actively competing in the scene since July 2010.

While it has been some time since he’s seen active play in official Call of Duty League matches, he has made a name for himself in WarZone as a threat and consistently places in the top 8 of events. Tommey will remain banned from Twitch for the next 14 days, as this is his first ban, but this seems a bit excessive for a first offense. Usually, in these situations, a streamer is banned for a few days at first, but Twitch must think that his offense warrants the extra punishment.

It remains unclear if Twitch will ever get better about working with their partners on exactly why they are being banned. The reasoning behind their vagueness has never been made public, and it is Twitch policy to not comment on behavioral punishments made against their partners. However, it should be noted that partners with Twitch are the very lifeblood that the site depends upon, and the onus should be on them to keep their partners informed, rather than letting streamers wander about in the dark and get punished for actions that they were unaware were against their obscure rules.



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