TNC Predator Release Dota 2 Roster In Midst of SEA Roster Shakeup

by in Dota 2 | Sep, 13th 2021

Teams outside of The International are looking at the next year already and trying to build rosters for future DPC events, now that they no longer have The International to work towards. The region that’s undergoing the most roster changes right now has to be SEA, with teams like BOOM Esports moving players in an attempt to create a more cohesive team. OB Esports x Neon, a team that managed top 6 at The Singapore Major this year but failed to produce results afterward are currently cobbling together a new roster that will be able to compete at the upper level of the SEA region. While smaller teams at the lower rungs of upper level play in SEA deal with the challenge of boosting their talent pool, perhaps one of the most recognizable Filipino teams, TNC Predator, has released their Dota 2 roster into the talent market as free agents.

What Happened With TNC Predator’s Dota 2 Roster?

TNC Predator showed promise against teams like Fnatic and T1 in the SEA region, losing to Fnatic in the grand finals of the SEA regional qualifier for this year’s International. Prior to that, they managed top 8 at the WePlay Animajor and won against Team Aster in the lower bracket before being eliminated by EG. In the group stages, they managed to hold their own against teams like Team Spirit, Team Liquid, and even beat Team Nigma 2-0 in a surprise upset. No doubt, TNC Predator looked capable in their ability to play on an international stage against top teams, but often struggled against the best teams in their region.

Another pitfall that TNC Predator endured was the loss of kpii and Febby earlier this year. TNC Predator’s results in Dota 2 with both kpii and Febby brought them to the height of global Dota 2, netting them wins at tournaments like ESL One Hamburg 2019, The Chengdu Major, and ESL One Thailand 2020: Asia. After failing to qualify for The Singapore Major, kpii and Febby left the team which necessitated Bok and Boomy’s inclusion from the rotation of Filipino free agents back in March. With only 6 months on the squad, it seems almost too early to give up on the TNC Predator roster, especially when the core trio of Tims, Gabbi, and Armel has seen results across three different team iterations, with their most prestigious showing being a 10th place finish at The International 2019.

What Happens Now With TNC Predator’s Dota 2 Roster?

According to a post made on TNC Predator’s official Facebook page, TNC Predator will release their Dota 2 roster and convert them to free agents starting Wednesday, September 15th. This decision, according to TNC Predator, was made in order to benefit the personal growth of the players and give them the opportunity to pursue opportunities that would benefit their careers. It’s a noble gesture, and the roster has shown promise as a team. Hopefully, an ambitious organization looking to enter the SEA and Philippines will pick up the roster as a whole rather than separate what’s become known as a cohesive unit. Perhaps there’s the possibility that the roster could compete in regions that are suffering from a lack of competition, such as North America. 

Whatever happens next with TNC Predator’s Dota 2 roster, we can only hope that they’ll face it together as a team under a new organization’s banner. Dota can be notorious for splitting teams up, but it may be the necessary move to rejuvenate regional scenes and help these players further develop their talents.


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