TimTheTatman Announces Switch to YouTube Gaming

by in Entertainment | Sep, 1st 2021

On the heels of DrLupo’s YouTube Gaming announcement, variety streamer and Syracuse native TimTheTatman announced today that he would be making the switch to streaming exclusively on YouTube Gaming. The announcement is the latest exclusivity agreement to be made public for YouTube Gaming’s streaming platform and could lead to a shakeup in how Twitch and YouTube design the future of streaming.

Please Let This Lead to a DrDisrespect Reunion

In a Twitter post containing the phrase “the future,” TimtheTatman released a video package highlighting various jobs he’s had in the past. The video included an early clip of Tim’s set-up back in 2013, showing us the man who would become the streaming giant he is today. After a brief cameo from CouRageJD, Tim would announce his switch to YouTube Gaming with his first live stream on YouTube taking place on September 2nd.

The switch to YouTube not only benefits Tim’s video ecosystem but allowing him to host edited, curated video content, stream VODs, short highlight clips, and longer-form content on one platform, but will also benefit his mental health and family life in the future. In a statement released to Business Insider, Tim notes that the change was influenced by his desire to ‘find balance.’ “YouTube streamers don’t stream as much as Twitch broadcasters,” says Tim. The achievable balance that many big names see on YouTube comes about from YouTube’s active involvement with their popular content creators, who they see as valuable assets for marketing on the YouTube platform. It’s something that attracted Tim to YouTube’s platform, as noted in the Business Insider article.

TimtheTatman’s switch to YouTube comes at an interesting time where Twitch is seeing increased criticism about the moderation of their platform, specifically over hate raids and harassment. The lack of infrastructural support from Twitch has led to streamers gathering around the #ADayOffTwitch hashtag to boycott the platform. In light of these flaws with Twitch’s moderation, YouTube could benefit by highlighting their moderation tools and how streamers can combat automated and flagrant attacks on their communities.

The switch to YouTube could also mean fans see reunions between their favorite streamers, like DrDisrespect teaming up with TimtheTatman for old times’ sake.

YouTube isn’t exactly lacking when it comes to homegrown talent and stream revenue. Based on Playboard’s Superchat earning rankings, YouTube’s version of Twitch donations, Vtuber Kiryu Coco sits at the top with over 2.9 million dollars in Superchat earnings. Her individual stream stats are nothing to scoff at either, with over 55,000 average viewers and a lifetime high of 486,705. While the popular Vtuber has now retired, she’s an excellent example of the type of success streamers can experience on the platform with little to no interaction with Twitch.

Hopefully, more exciting news will come from TimTheTatman and other streamers who make similar announcements in the future.


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