TimTheTatMan Announces He’s Officially Joined Complexity Gaming

by in Entertainment | Sep, 20th 2021

With over 90,000 people watching live, TimTheTatMan announced he was joining Complexity Gaming! This is a huge move, not only for TimtheTatMan but for Complexity Gaming themselves. The announcement was cryptic but also clear. He pointed out that today, at 3 pm CST, TimTheTatMan would announce which esports org he’d join. This went down today during his Warzone stream. This could be the biggest signing for Complexity Gaming of all time, with TimtheTatman’s 4M+ followers on YouTube. Tim, a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan is joining an org with a major link to the Cowboys. Jerry Jones is a majority stakeholder, and also owns the Dallas Cowboys.

What Does This Mean For Both Sides?

A lot of people have assumed in the live stream that TimtheTatMan would be joining 100 Thieves, and others have even jokingly said he’s a sellout for joining an org. However, it’s just another big notch in the Win column for Tim, having recently left Twitch for an exclusive YouTube contract.

Complexity had this to say about Tims signing


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