TikTok Grandma Blows Up For Sick Warzone Hardscopes

by in Call of Duty | Apr, 15th 2021

Sometimes, you get dominated in Warzone by a pro player; other times, it’s a Grandma on Twitch that went viral on TikTok. This is an absolutely wholesome story, one we’re really glad to see pop up on the internet. In particular, TacticalGramma is a grandma who streams on Twitch, snuffing out fools in Warzone, and she’s got quite the TikTok following now. A lifelong gamer, there’s a real good chance that if you hop in Warzone and see that name, she’s going to yell “Get wrecked nerd!” after dropping you with an SP-R208.

Wholesome But Expert

TacticalGramma spends her time dunking people on Twitch, and she might be my favorite Warzone streamer of them all. With nearly 19,000 followers on Twitch, she provides top-shelf skill and great, but still somehow wholesome, trash talk. I nearly choked on my water when she provided “That’s right, gramma killed you,” and it was worth it.

While TacticalGramma may only have 18k followers on Twitch, she’s gone Viral on TikTok as the Warzone Grandma, with over 600,000 followers. Her hardscope shots are incredible. She doesn’t quickscope people down. Instead, she lines up a perfect shot, waits for her prey, and then with a pull of a trigger, she drops a body in mid-air. It’s honestly inspiring.

A couple of shots at most, and someone gets dropped. This, in particular, might be my favorite of the Tiktok compilations she’s put out. Watching her expertly follow someone while scoped and put people down easily is awe-inspiring. TacticalGramma has a community filled with positivity and also overwhelming skill in Warzone.

Since this Warzone grandma began sharing montages on TikTok, she exploded in popularity there. It would be a really interesting move if one of the major CDL teams recruited TacticalGramma to stream for them, and as CoD’s first paid “Streaming Grandma,” that would be a feather in someone’s cap. She’s wholesome, fun to watch, and talented. She’s quick to call out a spot, quick to line up a shot, and even faster to offer a funny quip after someone’s been battered by her expert sniper skills.

There are quite a few Warzone streamers that could take some lessons from TacticalGramma.


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