Throne of Eldraine Spoilers: The Magic Mirror, Loch Dragon, More

by in Magic: The Gathering Arena | Sep, 16th 2019

The spoilers for the Magic: The Gathering fall expansion Throne of Eldraine continue to ramp up. Wizards of the Coast continues releasing new information regarding some of the cards you will get to use starting this fall. This latest batch of cards is relatively varied and impressive.

We have cards from across various colors in the set as well as different types. We have everything from the latest dragon card announced as well as more hybrid cards and more to whet your appetite for the upcoming Throne of Eldraine expansion.

Of course, the announcements wouldn’t be complete without another legendary card announcement. This time, it’s unique since it is for a legendary artifact rather than a planeswalker or creature card. Without further ado, let’s take a look at everything that’s releasing this fall.

Throne of Eldraine Spoilers: Loch Dragon

MTG Throne of Eldraine Loch Dragon Card

Starting with the latest dragon and hybrid card to be announced, we have the Loch Dragon card. Loch Dragon is both a dragon creature card and a hybrid card between the blue and red colors. It costs a total of four mana to summon Loch Dragon, but it can be a mix of blue and red so long as it equals four mana in total.

Loch Dragon has the okay stats of three/two when you summon it plus the flying ability as you would expect from a dragon creature card. It has one main ability to it that allows you to draw cards pretty regularly while it is on the field, which is a nice touch.

Whenever Loch Dragon enters the field or whenever it attacks, you are allowed the opportunity to discard a card and draw a different card in place of that discarded card. It is a simple ability that is, quite frankly, a bit muddled at first glance.

Only time will tell if Loch Dragon can be a valuable asset in the long-run since it isn’t the greatest card in the world. Its stats are fairly lame, and the ability it has requires you to discard a card in exchange for a new one, which isn’t the most helpful ability.

But it could be useful in particular situations like with discarding a card that allows you to summon it from the graveyard. Those situations are circumstantial that it will be hard to tell if Loch Dragon is worth being added to your blue and/or red deck. We shall see on this one.

Throne of Eldraine Spoilers: The Magic Mirror

MTG Throne of Eldraine The Magic Mirror Card

On the other hand, we have The Magic Mirror card that is going to be a particular asset that many decks may build around in the upcoming card set. The Magic Mirror is not just any artifact, but a legendary one that will be quite hard to find in card packs since it is a mythic rare.

But you will likely want to consider it for your deck if you are a blue player because of the game-changing nature of it for decks that are built around drawing cards. The Magic Mirror is a blue legendary artifact card that costs a whopping nine mana to use, three of which must be blue.

Nine is a whole lot of mana, but it is worth considering the abilities that it has first before you write it off entirely. The first ability will make it much more palatable to the average player. The Magic Mirror costs one less mana to cast for every instant and sorcery spell card in your graveyard.

Have you used six spell cards this game? Suddenly, this is a three mana-costing legendary artifact, which is much more helpful. Better yet, if you’ve used nine and they are in the graveyard, it’s free to use this card. With it, you have no maximum hand size.

Having no max hand size in terms of cards is essential because of the last and most important ability of all. At the beginning of your upkeep each turn, you will place a knowledge counter on The Magic Mirror. For every knowledge counter, you have placed on it, you will then draw a card.

It will begin with drawing one card then two then three and so on. As such, this is a legendary artifact that you will want to put on the field as early as possible so that you can take advantage of the ever-increasing card draw over time.

There are a lot of blue decks that stack well with plenty of spell cards, and this is one artifact that will go well with them due to the rather low-cost. At the same time, though, you will want to have plenty of finisher cards in your deck. It’ll make playing The Magic Mirror worth it for getting a relatively early win.

Throne of Eldraine Spoilers: Mirrormade

MTG Throne of Eldraine Mirrormade Card

Mirrormade follows up behind The Magic Mirror, and it works well with it as well. Mirrormade is a blue enchantment card that only costs three mana to summon, two of which must be blue. Its effect is equally simple as its name and mana cost but will be useful nonetheless.

When you place Mirrormade on the field, you can use it to become a copy of any other artifact or enchantment that is already on the field. This is interesting in the wording already as it implies that you can use it to copy another artifact or enchantment that is even on the enemy’s side.

Regardless of the specifics, this is a beneficial enchantment card that is more useful overall than the previous card, due to its versatility for every type of blue deck. Whether it’s Commander, Standard, or what have you, any match format could use a bit of Mirrormade.

There are so many new artifacts and enchantments this time around and being able to have double the boost or what have you is unbelievably helpful. After all, you can only have so many copies of an important card in your deck and Mirrormade can extend this with its universal nature. Without a doubt, it’ll be a necessity in many blue decks moving forward.

Throne of Eldraine Spoilers: Mistford River Turtle

MTG Throne of Eldraine Mistford River Turtle Card

Stepping away from artifacts and enchantments for a moment, next we have a creature card that is being introduced to the blue deck. Mistford River Turtle is a blue turtle creature card that costs a simple four mana, one of which must be blue to summon on the field.

It has the okay stats of one/five, making it a clear tank earlier on in the match for building a solid defense against the enemy. Oddly enough, though, it has an exciting utility for attack as well due to its ability. Whenever Mistford River Turtle attacks, another target attacking non-human creature can’t be blocked that turn.

So, you aren’t going just to want to use Mistford River Turtle as a defense against the opponent but in the offense as well. Attacking with it will allow another beast on your side of the field to attack directly without fear of being blocked.

But the mana cost of it is rather high. We’ll see if it is used in any blue decks in the future since it feels like it would work better with a different color rather than the control-centric blue.

Throne of Eldraine Spoilers: Redcap Raiders

MTG Throne of Eldraine Redcap Raiders Card

On the other hand, Redcap Raiders feels like a red color card through and through. Redcap Raiders stays true to its name and patriotism for the red color by being a red goblin warrior creature that costs three mana to summon, one of which must be red.

It has the equally solid stats of three/two, making it a simple attacker for those early to middle sections of the match. Whenever Redcap Raiders attacks, you are allowed to tap an untapped non-human creature that you control on the field.

If you do this, Redcap Raiders will gain plus one/plus one to stats and the trample mechanic until the end of the turn. This is a fairly standard card but the requirement to tap an untapped creature is a little unfortunate. As such, it may not be significant enough to see much use in aggro red decks after all.

Throne of Eldraine Spoilers: Revenge of Ravens

MTG Throne of Eldraine Revenge of Ravens Card

The only card announced in this batch for black decks is Revenge of Ravens. Revenge of Ravens is a black enchantment card that costs a total of four mana to summon to the field, one of which must be black. It is a simple card with a simple effect that will be a solid choice for most black decks.

Whenever a creature attacks you or a planeswalker that you control, the player who controls the attacking creature will lose one life while you will gain one life in the process. This is a staple card that will be a massive addition to many decks that revolve around draining and gaining life.

This is capable of truly annoying your opponents. It will damage them for trying to defeat you through taking out your life while mitigating a bit of damage in the process. This is an enchantment you’ll want on the field as early as possible to get the most out of it.

It’ll also be a great answer to the more aggressive decks and colors in the game as they will have to think carefully about when and how they attack you. It can both buy you time and life to ensure that you can find a way to play the right cards and win the match.

Throne of Eldraine Spoilers: Stonecoil Serpent

MTG Throne of Eldraine Stonecoil Serpent Card

Stonecoil Serpent is a card that was initially announced in the Japanese community and has since been translated. It is a standard creature card that costs an X amount of mana to summon, while also having zero/zero as its bizarre stats.

Stonecoil Serpent is a card that will mainly be dependent on how you use it on the field. For starters, it has reach and trample, which is essential in an expansion that features so many flying creatures across all colors.

It has protection against the multicolors, so this will be annoying for those hybrid cards out there like Loch Dragon. Last but not least, we have where the variable mana comes in. You choose how much mana you use to summon Stonecoil Serpent, and it will have that many counters on it.

Each counter will give it plus one/plus one to its stats. For example: if you summon it using six mana, it will have six/six as its stats. It is a useful creature that will be helpful in the latter portions of a match and ensure that hybrid players have a lot to be concerned about.

Throne of Eldraine Spoilers: Sundering Stroke

MTG Throne of Eldraine Sundering Stroke Card

Sundering Stroke is an interesting spell card that will act as a finisher for many red decks out there. Sundering Stroke costs a whopping seven mana to use, one of which must be red. It has the simple ability to allow you to pick one, two, or three targets of your choice.

These could be player(s), permanents, creatures, and so on. If you choose to do two or three targets instead of just one, you can pick how the seven damage divides up. It’s pretty useful and versatile on its own, but it’s the second half of this card that makes it a winner.

If at least seven red mana was used to summon this spell card, then you can deal seven damage each to the targets that you chose. This essentially means 21 damage right there, and this move would destroy many creatures.

But the best part of Sundering Stroke is merely using it to finish off the match in one foul swoop and take out the remaining health of the other player. If it isn’t enough to finish, though, you can at least use it to take out some annoyances in the process and secure your victory.

It will be a vital asset for the mono-red decks in the game as having all red mana shouldn’t be a problem then.

Throne of Eldraine Spoilers: Vantress Gargoyle

MTG Throne of Eldraine Vantress Gargoyle Card

Last but not least, we have the Vantress Gargoyle that was revealed recently. Vantress Gargoyle is a blue gargoyle artifact creature that costs only two mana to summon, one of which must be blue. It also has the impressive stats for that cost of five/four and the flying mechanic.

The creature can’t attack with those stats unless the defending player has seven or more cards in their graveyard, which shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish. At the same time, it can’t block either unless you have four or more cards in your hand.

When you tap this card, each player must put the top card of their library into the graveyard, which will only further the usefulness of this gargoyle. There is a lot to love about this artifact creature that will be a welcome addition for many to the blue collection.

So long as you meet the simple requirements, Vantress Gargoyle is a force to be reckoned with, especially in the earlier stages of the match. If you’re looking for a powerful, low-costing defender or a card that will push your opponent closer to having no cards left, Vantress Gargoyle might be right for you.

We won’t have to wait too long for the gargoyle and other cards here to release. They are set to come out with Throne of Eldraine when it releases digitally through MTG Arena on September 26 and in stores physically on October 4.


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