Throne of Eldraine Spoilers: Mouse Tokens, Wicked Wolf, More

By Cody Perez

September 10, 2019


throne of eldraine spoilers

Though the week is only just getting started, Wizards of the Coast is not wasting any time in revealing the long-awaited Magic: The Gathering spoilers for the upcoming fall expansion Throne of Eldraine. There are plenty more spoilers for players to check out right here.

Throne of Eldraine Spoilers Reveal Mouse Tokens, Wicked Wolf, More

What’s interesting about the spoilers that are available today is that there is yet another new token mechanic that players will be able to use in the game. This includes the mouse tokens that will be joining the food tokens revealed at the start of the spoilers.

In addition to that, some more fairy tale-themed cards continue the trend of the fairy tale theme in this upcoming card set. This includes the Wicked Wolf that brings the Little Red Riding Hood’s big bad wolf to Magic: The Gathering.

There is also the staple instant spell card Once Upon a Time and many more that will be making this expansion even more fairy tale-like. If you’re a fairy tale or Disney fan like us, you’ll want to know about the latest additions to the spoilers.

Without further ado, let’s kick the spoilers today off with the first look at the mouse tokens that will be added to the game when the new expansion releases.

Throne of Eldraine Spoilers: Mouse Tokens and Enchanted Carriage

Throne of Eldraine Enchanted Carriage

We already know about the new food tokens that are going to be a significant part of the upcoming fall expansion. The food tokens won’t be the only ones introduced for the very first time in Throne of Eldraine. The other new token artifact is the mouse tokens that players can use.

These mouse tokens are a little surprising that it took this long to show up since rats are a fairly common theme in the history of the card game. Regardless, the mouse tokens appear as part of the new card called Enchanted Carriage that will be familiar to Disney fans.

That’s right, these particular mouse tokens are related to the mice that were a significant part of the Cinderella storyline. The introduction of the mice in the expansion is no surprise since we already know about the Crystal Slipper equipment card that we previously detailed last week.

The Enchanted Carriage card is a vehicle artifact card that costs a standard five mana to summon. Since it is a colorless artifact card, there are no specific mana color requirements that the player must use to summon the carriage, so this card could work with any deck.

How it works is that Enchanted Carriage will enter the field with the stats of four/four. When it enters the field, it will create two one/one white mouse creature tokens on your side of the field. The four/four stats come into play when you take a look at the second ability that it has.

Its second ability is Crew 2 that allows you to tap any number of creatures you control on the field with the total power of two or more. When you do this, the vehicle Enchanted Carriage will become an artifact creature until the end of your turn with those solid four/four stats.

Of course, you can do this every turn so that you can primarily use Enchanted Carriage as an artifact creature card on all of your turns. If you do so, you won’t have to worry too much about it being destroyed through normal combat methods.

As for the mouse tokens themselves, it is yet to be revealed whether or not there will be more useful for them or if there will be other cards that deal with them. However, we do suspect this isn’t the last we’ve heard of these tokens. The food tokens were mysterious at first before more cards were revealed that use them.

Throne of Eldraine Spoilers: Wicked Wolf

Throne of Eldraine Wicked Wolf

The next card to be revealed is the Wicked Wolf, who is the big bad wolf that many players have been waiting to join the card ranks in the upcoming fall expansion. We can certainly see why Little Red Riding Hood was terrified of this creature with how sinister its artwork is on the card.

Wicked Wolf is a green standard wolf creature card that requires four mana to summon, two of which must be green color mana. It has the decent stats of three/three plus some useful abilities that make it much more exciting and take advantage of the above food tokens.

Hilariously enough, the first ability that Wicked Wolf has is that it will immediately attack up to one target creature that you don’t control on the field, as soon as it enters the battlefield. This does mean that it has haste sort of but only for attacking other creatures on the field and not the enemy player(s).

It is an excellent way of capturing the aggressive nature of this Wicked Wolf. However, the second ability that it has is by far the most important one. You can sacrifice a food token that you have and then put a plus one/plus one counter on Wicked Wolf.

Also, the big bad wolf will gain indestructible until the end of the turn, but you will need to tap it after you have done this. Indestructible is a feature that we don’t see too often in the card game. What it does is quite literally make the card unable to be defeated in battle.

So, this means that the Wicked Wolf can attack with the bonus stats of four/four and not have to worry about being defeated in battle. It can still be defeated on the enemy’s turn, since it lasts until the end of your turn, but this does make the Wicked Wolf a valuable offensive fighter. Its stats will permanently grow each time you sacrifice a food token.

Pair Wicked Wolf with food token generators like the card set’s featured planeswalker Oko, Thief of Crowns. You’ll be able to power this bad wolf up each turn with ease and increase the chances of keeping it on the field for longer.

Throne of Eldraine Spoilers: Once Upon a Time

Throne of Eldraine Once Upon a Time

The green decks truly are seeming to get the spotlight in this upcoming expansion as the color is getting a ton of awesome cards like Wicked Wolf. That isn’t all for the color in this batch of spoilers. Once Upon a Time is another green color card that is going to be a major staple for green players.

Once Upon a Time is a green instant spell card that can be used at any time, be it your turn or your opponent’s for the meager cost of two mana (one of which must be green mana). However, the first ability of Once Upon a Time makes that already low cost even lower than before.

If you cast Once Upon a Time as the very first spell card that you’ve cast in the entire game, it will have no mana cost at all, and you’ll be able to use it for totally free. What the card does is what makes doing it this way so useful in matches.

When you use Once Upon a Time, it allows you to look at the top five cards in your deck. You are entitled to reveal a creature or land card that you find in those top five cards and put it into your hand. Then you will put the rest of the five cards that you looked at on the bottom of your deck in random order.

Though Once Upon a Time is a useful card, being able to look at a large number of cards and find the right one you need. There is a specific function that it is meant for. That function is starting the match with the right card that you need in your hand.

You are going to want to start the match with Once Upon a Time in your opening hand so that you can play it right at the start of the match as your first move with no cost whatsoever. London Mulligan helps with this as you can redraw a couple of times until you have this card.

Then what you will do is play Once Upon a Time first at no cost and be able to add another valuable card to your hand right in the first turn. This could be a card you need in a turn or two or one that you can play in your first turn since you’ll likely still have one mana to use in the first turn.

This instant spell card will be an essential addition to green decks. After all, you can even play it while your opponent is taking their first turn if you want and prepare for your first or second turn in the match.

Throne of Eldraine Spoilers: Murderous Rider

Throne of Eldraine Murderous Rider

Murderous Rider is the latest Adventure card to be revealed for the upcoming card set. Adventure cards allow the player to mostly play them as a spell card or a creature card, depending on the situation. For many, you can even use them as both one after another.

One such example is Murderous Rider, who is a black zombie knight creature card. For the creature card version of this zombie knight, it costs three mana to summon to the field (two of which must be black mana). It has the solid stats of two/three as well as lifelink so that you can get healed quickly.

What’s insane about Murderous Rider is that it will never be gone from the game for good. The creature’s second ability is that when it dies, the player can put it on the bottom of their deck. This is insane because it will be available for use permanently in the match over and over.

However, the crazy usefulness of Murderous Rider doesn’t end there as it still has the Adventure side of it that we haven’t gone over yet. Rather than cast it as a creature card, you can use its Adventure version that is an instant spell card that is called Swift End.

It even costs the same mana to use the Adventure version with just three mana required, two of which must be black mana. What it does is destroy a target creature or planeswalker while you lose two life in the process. You will then exile the card to be available for summoning as a creature later on.

This means that you can destroy an annoying card on the field and then later summon it as the normal creature to heal yourself of the two lives that you lost.

And even when it dies, you can always search for or draw it again later in the match to be used again for destroying another creature then healing yourself and so on. It’s an impressive and endless cycle and essential addition to black decks.

Throne of Eldraine Spoilers: Greedy Impulse

Throne of Eldraine Greedy Impulse

Oddly enough for Greedy Impulse, the Japanese version of the card has been revealed, and we have taken the time to make sense of what this card does. Greedy Impulse is a typical spell card that is a hybrid card between the blue and black colors.

It costs four mana to use Greedy Impulse and they can be either blue or black mana but must be one of those two. What this spell card does is target an opponent that you have and make them reveal their hand to you. The reason for the target opponent is, of course, if you are up against more than one player.

It doesn’t just end with them revealing their hand to you, though, as you can choose a nonland card that the player has and exile it. This means that it could be a creature card, another spell card like Greedy Impulse, artifacts, and so on.

However, even still, the utility of Greedy Impulse doesn’t end with exiling that enemy card. While the card is exiled, you can cast it yourself, and you can use mana color to do so. This means that you can cast a red color card, for example, even if you don’t have any red mana in your blue deck.

This is a wild spell card because you are not only able to steal someone’s card right from their hand, but you are then able to rub salt in the wound by then turning around and using their card against them. It is the epitome of being petty in Magic: The Gathering and one of the best additions to blue control decks.

Players will be able to enjoy Greedy Impulse and the other cards that were detailed here when the Throne of Eldraine expansion launches later this month digitally on September 26 and physically in stores after on October 4.


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