MTG Throne of Eldraine Spoilers Reveal Syr Alin, The Cauldron of Eternity, More

by in General | Sep, 17th 2019

Wizards of the Coast has released the latest batch of spoilers for the upcoming fall expansion Throne of Eldraine for the beloved Magic: The Gathering card game. We have 11 cards revealed in this latest batch, some of which were announced in other locations around the world.

Latest Magic Spoilers Reveal New Legendary Knight, Artifact for Throne of Eldraine

These 11 cards that were revealed today are impressive for various reasons including the fact that they appeal, specifically, to the black and white colors for the most part. Black has been getting a bit of love in the reveals thus far but the added reveals is certainly welcome nonetheless.

As for white decks, there haven’t been many reveals at all so white deck players will be happy to know that there are some massive reveals this time around. In fact, one of the reveals includes the latest archon to be revealed, only the second one since the spoilers began.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the numerous Throne of Eldraine knights, cauldrons, and other cards that have been revealed in this epic latest batch.

Throne of Eldraine Card Reveals: Archon of Absolution


First up in alphabetical order is none other than the second archon creature card. That archon this time is known as the Archon of Absolution and was revealed in the French card community. Archon of Absolution costs four mana to summon to the field, one of which must be white mana color.

Archon of Absolution enters the field with the okay stats of three/two and the flying mechanic as you’d expect. It has some solid artwork for the card as well; not as great as the previously announced archon but still interesting enough with the odd flying deer creature.

Though its stats aren’t the best, the two main abilities it has are rather impressive on their own. For one, it has protection from white color mana in any form from blocking to enchantments to equipments and more. This makes it a great fit for taking on fellow white deck players.

Last but not least, it has an impressive final ability that will keep other white deck players and the other colors in check. Creatures can’t attack you directly or the Planeswalker that you control unless the player controlling them pays one mana for each of the creatures that are attacking.

This is really impressive since it keeps the mono-red and other attack-centric decks in check by forcing them to pay some mana to even get a hit on you. As for other white deck players, this card is almost a requirement because it will be protected from white, basically allowing it to remain on the field for the match.

This will give you the ability to attack (so long as the other player doesn’t have this card as well) and force the enemy to pay mana if they even want to deal some damage to you. Of course, it won’t be the greatest help against spell and blue control decks but it is still useful enough. It should be a solid addition to Commander and Brawl as well.

Throne of Eldraine Card Reveals: Ardenvale Paladin


Next up for the white deck collection is Ardenvale Paladin, yet another addition to the several already announced human knights in the upcoming expansion. Ardenvale Paladin is a white human knight creature card that costs four mana, one of which must be white mana.

It has the decent stats of two/five that even get better when you include its Adamant keyword. If you use at least three white mana to cast Ardenvale Paladin, it will enter the battlefield with a plus one/plus one stat boost counter on it right then.

This means that Ardenvale Paladin will be capable of having the stats of three/six on the fourth turn in normal matches, which is a pretty high defense that will make it a valuable tank for stopping the opponent in their tracks early on. If you’re a mono-white player, especially a knight-focused one, there really is no reason you shouldn’t use Ardenvale Paladin in the next expansion.

Throne of Eldraine Card Reveals: Blacklance Paragon


Stepping away from the white color for a bit, we have the Blacklance Paragon who is also a human knight. Blacklance Paragon is a black human knight creature card that costs a mere two mana to summon, one of which must be black.

It has good stats of three/one, which will give your opponent pain for at least one turn when it arrives on the field early on. It has the the flash ability attached to it but that isn’t extremely useful for Blacklance Paragon except under certain circumstances.

When Blacklance Paragon enters the field, you are allowed to give a target knight of your choosing the deathtouch and lifelink mechanics until the end of the turn. So, the use for playing Blacklance Paragon on a turn other than your own is to defend and take out an enemy instantly.

In this case, it is great for taking out the previously announced Ardenvale Paladin who is a beast in the early game but could be taken out with ease by using Blacklance Paragon. It is a great counter for that monster and will also grant you three points to your life in the process.

Throne of Eldraine Card Reveals: Cauldron’s Gift


Next up for black deck players is the Cauldron’s Gift spell card. It is a simple but effective spell card that requires five mana to cast, one of which must be black mana. It also has the adamant keyword attached to it like Ardenvale Paladin that encourages the player to use at least three black mana to cast this.

If you did use at least three black mana to cast Cauldron’s Gift, you will put the top four cards of your deck into the graveyard instantly. However, the second ability of this card allows you to choose a creature card in your graveyard and bring it back to the field with a plus one/plus one counter on it as well.

This isn’t a great card for certain black color decks but for those who are all about reanimation, this is a solid card that will be a welcome addition to that deck. It will be great for reanimating those certain creatures that you lost prior to this card or even because of it. You could bring back a vital card with better stats to boot.

Throne of Eldraine Card Reveals: The Cauldron of Eternity


There is another cauldron card that black deck players are getting in the next expansion and it is one that will be a game-changer for just about any black deck in the game, but especially for those reanimation decks. The Cauldron of Eternity is a black legendary artifact card and is much better than the other legendary artifact recently announced.

It costs an absolutely insane 12 mana to summon to the field, two of which must be black mana. You might see that and feel your heart skip a beat but the benefit of this card is that you basically decide how much mana it will cost, depending on your graveyard.

This spell will cost two mana less to cast for each of the creature cards that you currently have in your graveyard. Have at least six creatures in your graveyard when you cast this? Suddenly, this baby is a free artifact that is just added to your side of the field.

And you’ll definitely want it on your field because of the amazing two abilities that it has. While it is on the field, any creature that you control that dies will be put on the bottom of your deck rather than sent to the graveyard.

Better yet, even if a creature is still somehow sent to the graveyard or you have some in the graveyard that you care about bringing back, you can do so with the second ability. You can pay three mana (one of which must be black) and pay two life to return a target creature from your graveyard to the field.

The catch is that you can only activate that ability whenever you would normally be able to cast a regular spell card. Regardless, this legendary artifact is quite the impressive one and will be a necessity in many black decks moving forward in the current meta game. Don’t miss out on The Cauldron of Eternity.

Throne of Eldraine Card Reveals: Drown in the Loch


The loch has been a big focal point surprisingly in this expansion with a riff on the Loch Ness monster and the Loch Dragon just the other day but now we have the Drown in the Loch itself card. Drown in the Loch is a hybrid instant spell card that walks the line between blue and black.

It only costs two mana to use Drown in the Loch, one of which must be blue and the other is required to be black mana. When you cast this spell card at any point in the match, you are allowed to choose between two abilities that you can use right then.

The first option allows you to counter a target spell of your choosing with converted mana cost less than or equal to the number of cards in the controller of that spell’s graveyard. While it doesn’t guarantee that it will stop the spell, it does mean that the player will have to reconsider if they really want to use it.

This can be a game-changing spell that can turn around the whole game in a flash by making the player pay 15 mana, for instance, if they happen to have 15 cards in the graveyard. As such, this particular option will be favorable for using in the latter portions of the match.

On the other hand, the second option is one that will be best used for the earlier parts of a match. You are able to destroy a target creature with the converted mana cost less than or equal to the number of cards in the controller’s graveyard. This is one instant spell that players will need to use based on their current situation.

Throne of Eldraine Card Reveals: Forever Young


Back to solely focusing on the black color decks for a bit, we have the black spell card called Forever Young. It costs a simple two mana to use, one of which must be black. It has the simple ability of allowing you to pick any number of target creature cards from your graveyard and then put them on top of your deck.

Then you are allowed to draw a card. This is a rather insane spell card since you get to pick how many creatures you bring back instantly with such a low cost. You could wait to use this for the later parts of a match and bring back a whole lot of cards or just the big ones that you need and then draw one of them, too.

This is a staple reanimation spell card that will be useful and necessary in the meta game for most black decks. Though it is simple, Forever Young shouldn’t be underestimated for its flexibility on the field.

Throne of Eldraine Card Reveals: Overwhelmed Apprentice


One of the few blue cards revealed today is Overwhelmed Apprentice. Overwhelmed Apprentice is a blue human wizard card that costs a single blue mana to summon. It has the equally impressive stats of one/two and an ability that will make it worth selecting.

Whenever Overwhelmed Apprentice enters the field, each of the opponents that you have will put the top two cards of their deck into the graveyard while you will scry for two. What scry means is that you will be able to look at the top two cards you have in your deck and then place on the bottom or top of your deck in any order you like.

Overwhelmed Apprentice is an impressive card that will put away two cards instantly right at the start of the match and give you something to attack with. It can even be useful for the latter portions of the match for checking out what you have coming up in your deck and controlling it.

Without a doubt, Overwhelmed Apprentice is an excellent starter and versatile card that you should have in your deck if you are a blue deck player. We expect to see these be bountiful in the meta game moving forward.

Throne of Eldraine Card Reveals: Rally for the Throne


Back to the white color decks for a moment, we have the Rally for the Throne instant spell card. Rally for the Throne is a white instant spell card that costs three mana to use, one of which must be white. When you bring it out, it creates two one/one white human creature tokens.

That basically makes this card worth two/two stats, which is not the best considering that it costs three mana. However, the adamant ability that Rally for the Throne has makes it all worth it in the end. If you use at least three white mana to cast this spell, you get an additional perk.

You will gain one life point for each of the creatures that you control. Considering that this creates two human tokens, you are guaranteed two life points gained at the very least. This could, of course, be much more, depending on how many creatures you have on the field.

Overall, this makes Rally for the Throne a really useful instant spell card for something like limited draft matches and the like but it can have some use in Standard matches for sure. In the right white deck, this could be a solid card for gaining back some life for a rather cheap cost.

Throne of Eldraine Card Reveals: Sorcerer’s Broom


Stepping away from the colors for a bit, the second to last card that we have to go over today is the Sorcerer’s Broom card that is colorless. Sorcerer’s Broom is a colorless spirit artifact creature card that you can summon to your side of the field for only two mana of your choosing.

It has the okay stats of two/one when you summon it but, being an artifact creature, its true value lies in the ability that it has. Whenever you sacrifice another permanent card that you have on the field, you can choose to pay an additional three mana at the same time.

If you do this, you will instantly create a token that is an exact copy of Sorcerer’s Broom. This is a strange card that could turn out really nice in the right deck. After all, it is a colorless card so it will lend well to just about any deck but mainly green, blue, and black that are focusing on food tokens.

Food tokens are a major part of the upcoming expansion and there are plenty of cards for those colors that allow you to sacrifice one of those food tokens. Doing so will fulfill the requirements easily for this artifact creature and allow you to make a nice copy of it rather often so long as you are willing to pay the mana.

However, the mana cost for doing so is a bit steeper than we’d like considering the not so great stats for Sorcerer’s Broom but in a deck that boosts non-human cards or something like that, it will be a solid addition. It will be interesting to see how this card shakes out in the upcoming meta game.

Throne of Eldraine Card Reveals: Syr Alin, the Lion’s Claw


Last but certainly not least, we have the Syr Alin, the Lion’s Claw card that was revealed this week. Syr Alin is the third human knight legendary to be announced by Wizards of the Coast for the upcoming expansion, this time for the white color collection.

Syr Alin, the Lion’s Claw is a legendary human knight creature card that costs five mana to summon to the field, two of which must be white mana. It has the solid stats of four/four and the first strike mechanic, meaning that it will likely make the first move in most combat situations.

It also has another ability that will make Syr Alin a useful leader for the other creatures that you control on the field. Whenever he attacks, the other creatures that you control will receive plus one/plus one to stats until the end of the turn.

The simple maneuver is to lead with Syr Alin first and foremost so that you are able to grant some bonus stats each of your turns to the rest of your minions. For this alone, it will be a useful addition to the limited match format and a relatively good card for Standard as well.

We can also see Syr Alin become a great card for white deck players in both Commander and Brawl so consider using him there if you like those modes.

For more on the upcoming Throne of Eldraine spoilers, be sure to stay tuned right here for new card announcements as we get closer and closer to the release date. The latest Magic: The Gathering expansion is currently set to come out on September 26, which is just next week for digital platforms, and then October 4 for the physical release in stores around the nation and the world.


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