Common Throne of Eldraine Adventure Cards Announced: Lonesome Unicorn, More

by in Magic: The Gathering Arena | Sep, 18th 2019

Wizards of the Coast is continuing this latest week of spoilers for the Magic: The Gathering fall expansion Throne of Eldraine with the next batch of announcements. The announcements this time around include some common Throne of Eldraine adventure cards unlike the more rare cards that we’ve had lately.

Wizards of the Coast Announces New Throne of Eldraine Adventure Cards

Lately, we’ve been getting more announcements regarding uncommon, rare, and mythic rare cards that will be much harder for players to find in card packs unless, of course, they buy them in a resale or through preconstructed decks. For the most part, you are more likely to find common cards.

That’s why it’s nice to finally see a bunch of common cards that players will be able to use in the new meta game for Standard, especially since these are all Adventure cards. Being the showcase new card type for this set, it is nice to see that these cards are going to be available in common rarities as well.

For those who don’t know before we get too deep into these new common Adventure cards, Adventure is a new card type that is like a split card from the past. The card is mainly focused on a particular style like the Lonesome Unicorn where it can play out as a standard creature card.

However, the bottom half of the card is split in half with the right half being the half relegated to the standard creature version of the card while the left half is basically an entirely different card. That card is typically a spell card of sorts and has a different name and function. What’s also great is that these cards are many times built so that you can use both versions easily.

New Common Adventure Card: Garenbrig Squire


First up is for the green decks and it is Garenbrig Squire. Garenbrig Square is a common green human soldier creature card and the only one on this list that isn’t actually an Adventure card. However, it does have to do with Adventure cards and is a common; hence, why it is on this list.

Garenbrig Squire costs a mere two mana to summon to the field, one of which must be green mana. It has the standard stats of two/two, making it fairly even before adding in the crucial ability that it has. The one ability that Garenbrig Squire has is great for green decks that use Adventure cards.

Whenever you cast a creature spell that has an Adventure card attached to it, Garenbrig Squire will gain plus one/plus one to stats until the end of the turn. The card even specifies that it doesn’t matter if it has gone on an Adventure first or not.

The green color is, by far, the collection with the most Adventure cards that we’ve seen to date so it is no surprise that Garenbrig Squire is a green creature. If you are thinking about running a green or just general Adventure deck this upcoming set, you might want to consider the lad.

He is a fairly standard creature but one that will be a nice fighter in those early turns of the game. In fact, the card doesn’t specify that the counter can only happen once per turn so if you cast more than one creature that turn that is an Adventure card, he will benefit from all of them for his stats.

As such, Garenbrig Squire is an aspiring hero that will be a benefit to most decks that would include a lot of other Throne of Eldraine Adventure cards. We haven’t nailed down just yet what the best type of Adventure deck would be but it could be possible to even do a hybrid one where this squire would still fit in nicely.

New Common Adventure Card: Lonesome Unicorn


Next up is the first of the three common Throne of Eldraine Adventure cards that we have to show you today and this author’s personal favorite of the bunch. Lonesome Unicorn is the latest adventure card and is a common white unicorn Adventure creature card that costs five mana, one of which must be white mana.

The artwork for Lonesome Unicorn is surprisingly detailed and gorgeous, considering that it is a common card. Nonetheless, we see a sad and lonely unicorn that has blonde hair flowing from it. It is clear that the artist of this card is likely a fan of The Last Unicorn animated film.

In that original movie/book, all of the unicorns in the land are killed off by an evil king and it is up to the last remaining unicorn to go on a journey with a young man and eventually others to save the day. It is clear that this card takes heavy inspiration from that animated film and we’re glad to see that this is the case as it plays directly into the card itself.

Lonesome Unicorn has the standard stats of three/three that aren’t that great considering it costs five mana to summon in the first place but it does have the vigilance mechanic to boot. This means that this card is able to attack the opponent without tapping, which is a fantastic benefit.

You can tap to block with the Lonesome Unicorn but not have to worry about tapping it again to attack since it is able to attack without being tapped to do so. Even still, this makes the card fairly standard but then there is the fact that you also have the Adventure version of it on the left side.

The Adventure side of the Lonesome Unicorn is called Rider in Need. It costs three mana (one, of course, must be white mana) to use this version, which is much cheaper than the unicorn creature version. When you cast this Adventure spell, you are able to create a two/two white knight creature token on the field.

What’s great is that you should do this version first since it is not only cheaper but it lets you exile the card for using as a creature later on. So, youll be able to cast it as a spell first and then later on in the match as the normal unicorn creature card.

This is great for the early turns of the match as you are able to drop a nice two/two creature token and then later on, bring out the Lonesome Unicorn from exile as the normal version. This, of course, would boost Garenbrig Squire both times, though, this may not fit well with your particular deck.

New Common Adventure Card: Silverflame Squire


But that isn’t the only Adventure card that we are introducing for the white collection today. The next one is a much cheaper one and is called Silverflame Squire. Silverflame Squire costs only two mana to summon as the human soldier creature card version, one of which must be white color mana.

It has the fairly standard stats of two/one. Oddly enough, though, there is no ability that Silverflame Squire has on the right side of the card. Instead, Wizards of the Coast didn’t just want to leave the right side of the card blank so there is a nice little description for this card.

The description reads: “Beacons along the borderlands are lit at any incursion from the wilds.” Honestly, we’re not really sure what exactly the point of the description is since it never actually references the squire himself but we’re guessing he’s the one who placed the beacons.

This might be the case as we also have the Adventure version of this card that is recommended for playing first before the normal human soldier version. The Adventure version of this card is called On Alert and is an instant spell card that costs three mana, one of which must be white mana.

What it lets you do is pick a creature card and give it plus two/plus two until the end of the turn as well as untap it. Then you are allowed to exile this card from the field so that you can play it as the normal creature version later on in the match.

Of course, like Lonesome Unicorn, you will want to play the instant spell card version first then as a creature on the next turn or later. The fact that On Alert is an instant spell card means that you could play this on your opponent’s turn as a way to stop one of their attacks.

This is because you are able to play this spell card on the third turn of the match and give one of your creatures plus two to their stats, which will be very hard to be able to go up against that early in the match. Allowing you to also untap the card in the process is just the cherry on top. From there, you could turn around on your next turn and summon Silverflame Squire from exile.

New Common Adventure Card: Tuinvale Treefolk


Last but not least that we have on this list of common Throne of Eldraine Adventure cards is a green one that will, of course, pair well with that certain squire we mentioned earlier on in this post. This final common Adventure card is Tuinvale Treefolk who is a rather high-costing Adventure creature card.

Tuinvale Treefolk is a green Treefolk Druid creature card that costs a surprising six mana to summon, one of which must be green mana. When summoned as a creature, it has the big creature stats of six/five, which are fairly standard for the mana cost; nothing too special.

Again, like with Silverflame Squire, Tuinvale Treefolk doesn’t have any abilities or keywords attached to the creature version of it; only a little description for it. That description reads: “Right now you are a feeble stick, but I will help you grow some rings.”

At least this description is relative to the card in a more direct way. Of course, that isn’t all that there is to Tuinvale Treefolk as it has the Adventure version of it on the left side of the card. The Adventure version of this card is called Oaken Boon and will certainly help one of your other creatures grow.

Oaken Boon is a spell Adventure card that costs four mana, one of which must be green color mana. What this spell version of the card allows you to do is select a target creature and then put two plus one/plus one counters on it rather than just one plus two/plus two counter.

However, the difference between this card and Silverflame Squire is that, for one, it costs more to use but these counters are permanent so the stat boost is a beneficial one that you will be able to take advantage of for the rest of the match. So, it is useful to use Oaken Boon first earlier in the match.

Then, later on when you have the mana to spare, you can summon Tuinvale Treefolk to the field as a strong big tree creature that will be able to challenge most other creatures of the same mana cost. Of course, this would pair well with boosting Garenbrig Squire with some stats due to using an Adventure card.

You’ll be able to use these common Throne of Eldraine Adventure cards and more when the next expansion Throne of Eldraine releases later this month on September 26 for the digital platforms while the physical release is set to happen next month on October 4.


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