Three Hearthstone Saviors of Uldum Cards Will Be Shown at Grandmasters

By Cody Perez

July 12, 2019


hearthstone saviors of uldum cards

Blizzard has teased that at least three new Hearthstone Saviors of Uldum cards will be shown off for the very first time at the Grandmasters competition this weekend. Fans will want to tune in for the first look at these new cards from the upcoming expansion of which we know little of currently.

This weekend’s Grandmasters weekly competition is shaping up to be more exciting than usual as Blizzard is using the platform as a chance to promote the new expansion for the card battling game. It all started with a press release that was sent out earlier today.

Details About the Hearthstone Saviors of Uldum Cards Teased

In the announcement of the upcoming reveal, Blizzard included a picture of three unknown cards. This, presumably, teases that we will see at least three card reveals this weekend. It’s even possible that we might see more than that but at least three for sure.

This wouldn’t be surprising since Blizzard did reveal three of the new Hearthstone Saviors of Uldum cards yesterday including the hilarious BEEEES!!! card that will be available to the Druid class. In addition, we got a look at a legendary class card for Mage users.

With the attention being given to the Mage, Druid, Shaman, and a few other classes recently, it is likely that the three new Hearthstone Saviors of Uldum cards revealed this weekend won’t be from those classes. It is possible that we will see some love finally for the Rogue or Priest classes.

Beyond that, it is also possible that we will see another legendary card in the mix since a legendary was included in yesterday’s reveal. This certainly seems likely since Blizzard sent an email to tease the card reveals at the Grandmasters event.

This isn’t something that the Hearthstone developer does often so we can expect some special card goodies to be revealed there. As always, the weekly Grandmasters competition will be this weekend with the Hearthstone Saviors of Uldum cards being revealed on Sunday, July 14.

Hearthstone Saviors of Uldum Card Reveal Time

The time that you will want to tune in for the reveals is bright and early at 9 am PT. Blizzard confirmed that at least one reveal will happen around then but that could mean that the rest of the reveals might be spread throughout the day as the competition goes on.

As such, if you watch and the stream only shows one card revealed, fret not. What you will want to do is stick around through the various matches that are played until the later cards are revealed. You can watch all of the action on the official Hearthstone channel here.

Alternatively, you can come back here on Monday for the full recap of the new Hearthstone Saviors of Uldum cards that Blizzard reveals. Just like we did for the cards that were revealed yesterday including the new BEEEES!!! Card that takes inspiration from The Wicker Man movie.

Previous Expansion Cards Revealed

Hearthstone Raid the Sky Temple Card Transparent

The BEEEES!!! card is exclusive to the Druid deck and costs a meager three mana to summon. It has a unique ability that summons up four bee minions that each have one damage and one health. You select one target minion and the four bees will automatically attack them all at once.

The four bee minions have rush damage so they are able to deal four damage at once. While an interesting card, it isn’t the most useful but we do expect there to be some great combinations with this card and others from the upcoming expansion that will make it more useful.

Beyond that, the Weaponized Wasp card was revealed for the Shaman class. This minion also costs three mana to summon but works totally different from its bee Druid counterpart. This minion has three damage and three health as well as a Battlecry ability.

When it is summoned to the battlefield, Weaponized Wasp will deal three damage right then if you also control a Lackey card on the field at that time. This minion will likely be useful for decks that have the Corrupt the Waters Shaman card that requires you to have used at least six Battlecry abilities in the match to use it.

Last but not least, the third card that was revealed yesterday was Raid the Sky Temple, which is a new legendary quest card for the Mage class. If you didn’t know, quest cards are ones that require you to do something before they reward you with a specific card or ability.

In this case, the Raid the Sky Temple costs one mana to use so you can start fulfilling its requirements early on in a match. The quest is a simple one that requires the Mage user to use at least 10 spell cards during the course of the match, which shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish.

Once you cast at least 10 spell cards, you will be rewarded with the Ascendant Scroll. This is a new hero power that you will be able to use for two mana. Using the Ascendant Scroll hero power will summon a new spell card to your hand randomly that will cost two less mana to use less than usual.

So far, the Hearthstone Saviors of Uldum cards have been solid for the classes shown so don’t miss out on the three new cards that will be revealed this weekend during the Grandmasters event.


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