Three Execs Leave FaZe Clan to Form XSET Organization

by in Entertainment | Jul, 16th 2020

Whew, today is a heavy day for news! Greg Selkoe, Clinton Sparks, and Wil Eddins, of the FaZe Clan executive board, have left, and are starting a new organization: XSET. One of the things the former President of FaZe Clan has said that it’s “time for gaming to clean up its act”, and it’s not like he’s wrong. The “frat house” culture of the esports scene desperately needs to change.

If things had evolved and people grew way before 2020, there would likely be more inclusivity and safety for women and minorities in the industry. FaZe Clan is one of the top orgs in North America, and it’s not hard to see why. They are always on top of social media and have some of the best players around. FaZe Clan was something new to esports and entertainment in general.

There’s room for change, and it’s far past time. So what’s up with XSET as the FaZe Clan members leave their roots behind?

Be a Force for Good

Greg Selkoe had already planned to leave, and that was made via internal announcement in May. However, more interesting is the VP of Apparel (Wil Eddins) and the VP of Business Development (Clinton Sparks) resigned just this week.

Selkoe recently spoke about what XSET represents, and one of the major problems in gaming:

“We realized there was a huge void that needed to be filled in the gaming marketplace. Gamers are from all walks of life and all backgrounds. But if you look at the current organizations, they sort of resemble a frat house. They’re not reflective of the racial and gender diversity in the gaming world.”

What’s really fascinating about this, is we just spoke the other day about how the FaZe Clan CEO wants to root out bad behavior in the industry. Now we see the president, Greg Selkoe has left FaZe Clan behind to start XSET.

“It’s time for gaming to clean up its act,” Mr. Selkoe added. “It’s not really about FaZe. It’s about the whole industry.”

XSET wants to have more female gamers, as well as LGBTQ members. The overwhelming majority of esports teams and orgs are male-dominated, and it can be very hard for others to make their mark. It’s definitely a time fora change, in this and other aspects of esports.  You can also expect XSET to support Black Lives Matter, and we love to see that.

Greg Selkoe also had this to say about what XSET actually means:

“We have a responsibility to do something that pushes change,” Mr. Selkoe said. “We intend to have a very clear social mission of incision. We want to stand up for kids who have been bullied or feel like there’s not a gaming organization for them. We want our organization to look like the youth of America.”

The “X” in XSET stands for a variable, so “anyone” can join the “set” (group, team, org, what have you), according to the New York Times. However, it does seem like there are no hard feelings between CEO Trink and Selkoe. As FaZe is still trying to work harder to improve inclusion and the toxic nature of esports, Trink pointed out he will support ventures towards diversity in gaming.

XSET’s Future

So what will this new org compete in? Right now, we do know that Call of Duty, Valorant and Fortnite are the top three. Eddins and Sparks are also going to see about recording music acts of note, brands and celebrities to join them. You can expect an “elevated” apparel line to come out of XSET. So XSET has been announced by former FaZe Clan executives. But have they picked up anyone yet?

They have! Thwifo (Valorant), Cory “Bartonologist” Barton (Call of Duty), and AshleyBTW (Fortnite streamer) on the esports/gaming side of things. Kyle Van Noy of the Miami Dolphins (linebacker), and Minna Stess (USA National Skateboarding Team). So they’re already off to a pretty good start.

It sounds like they’re more than simply competing aggressively in every esport they can. Marco Meru, Chief Operating Officer of XSET spoke about the future:

“Gaming is no longer about YouTube and Twitch. The Fortnite generation of gamers want their gaming content on TikTok, in memes, in Discord. You have to put content where they’re currently consuming it. We have a pretty robust content syndication model we’re rolling out with gameplay highlights, original content and partners in music.”

He’s right, too. They can recruit all kinds of people if the focus is on the future and social nature of gaming. It’s a broad approach instead of simply focusing on the best FPS games. Mr. Selkoe agrees, and that they can have a player for any kind of game. It could be a huge deal for people who want to be in the entertainment side of gaming, that’s for sure.

While we do hope they land some serious players for esports, the idea that it could be more than simply “grind for trophies all the time”, it could create a fun, interesting atmosphere that could spread across the whole of esports. It’s time to leave that miserable, angry, toxic thought process behind and be better people. You can be competitive without being a garbage pile of a person.

Good luck, XSET! We wish you guys the best in the future.


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