TheGrefg Breaks Twitch Record Announcing His Fortnite Icon Skin

by in Fortnite | Jan, 12th 2021

David “TheGrefg” Martinez is at the top of his game right now, skyrocketing in popularity and fame to a whole new level with multiple accomplishments happening for him right now. Above all, though, the massive Twitch streamer has broken records on the platform that will be hard to beat.

TheGrefg Broke a Twitch Record Recently

TheGrefg is one of the biggest Spanish streamers and YouTubers in the business, having millions upon millions of fans and followers who tune in for his content frequently. But nothing compares to his most recent stream in which the community showed up in droves to support the content creator.

In his most recent stream, TheGrefg was celebrating the announcement of his Fortnite Icon skin, something that has been stirring in development for months now. Much of the community seemed to be excited for this announcement as millions and millions of players turned out. 

The stream broke the Twitch records, with TheGrefg now holding the new record on the platform for the most concurrent viewers watching a single stream at once. He could get a whopping 2.4 million viewers to tune in and watch his unveiling of the latest Fortnite Icon skin. 

More than 2.4 million viewers were watching at once. It looks like that was only the peak of the recent live stream as millions were watching before and after that. We will have to wait for an official Twitch announcement soon, but this looks to be a record-breaking moment.

TheGrefg Now Holds the Record for the Most Concurrent Viewers on Twitch

For the record, the previous holder of the most concurrent viewers during a Twitch stream at once was the ELEAGUE Twitch account who was able to get an impressive 1.13 million fans to watch the stream at the same time. But TheGrefg has taken that record and shattered it for the foreseeable future.

He was able to get well over double the number of concurrent viewers that the previous record-holding was able to get, both equally impressive and shocking. It seems that the fans of his content and Fortnite skins showed up in full support in an unprecedented way. 

The monumental and historic Twitch moment started to happen just about a minute before TheGrefg revealed the new Fortnite Icon skin based on him. He counted down the time to the presentation. There were about 60 seconds or so left on the clock.

At this point, the Twitch stream shot through the sky, crossing over the two million viewers mark and only climbing even further from there. At this point, TheGrefg noticed that the viewer count was over two million and started to freak out at the accomplishment. 

Stream Was in Celebration of His Fortnite Icon Series Skin

He seemed speechless with no words to say. His face says it all as he is overwhelmed with the joy and happiness of this success. He even gets up from his position and can be seen walking around his room, standing on the couch, and just looking in awe of what is happening. 

And the best part is that it isn’t even the peak of the stream just yet. He would still go on to have more than 2.4 million viewers at one point in the stream and potentially more as we will have to wait for the official numbers from Twitch itself very soon as it commemorates the occasion.

But that is all before revealing the actual TheGrefg Fortnite Icon Series skin that is honestly pretty impressive in its own right. We have only had a few Icon Series skins in the last year or so since the series started, but this one might be one of the coolest that we have seen to date. 

New Fortnite Icon Series Skin Detailed

Epic Games outdoes itself with these Fortnite Icon Series skins. It certainly hasn’t stopped with this latest one. The skin takes the popular Spanish Twitch streamer (sans his current facial hair) and gives him a nice hairstyle that looks sleek and sharp at the same time. 

It is dark hair with some red streaks throughout that complement the rest of the equally red and yellow outfit. From the official artwork that we can see courtesy of our trusty pal HYPEX on Twitter, we can see that TheGrefg isn’t wearing anything at all on his top half. 

But he does have some cool muscles and a golden tattoo or marking of some sort seen in the artwork. The marking on his chest is a bit hard to see in the official work, but it will become clearer in the future as Epic Games shares more info about this upcoming skin release. 

Then there are the pants he is wearing that are gold and red, having an elegant but awesome-looking design barely teased in the image. Beyond that, the image also shows three gold and black balls that the content creator’s character is levitating above his gloved hands.

When Could We See This Bundle Release?

This part is exciting as it could point to the emote or back bling that the user will have. We don’t know about the emote at this point, but it could have to do with him levitating these balls and showing off to everyone around him in that way. 

But we can see his pickaxe. It is a unique one, for sure. It continues the classic red and gold color scheme, featuring a simple but cool staff adorned with an actual controller on top. The controller is based on the PlayStation-style with the two sticks next to each other and the Grefg red and gold colors. 

Details about when TheGrefg Fortnite Icon Series skin bundle will be released have not been shared. Still, this announcement likely means that we should see it in the item shop, probably by the end of the month based on the periods from past Icon Series skins like Ninja and others. Stay tuned for more information about it soon.


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