The Youngest Female Radiant in Valorant Speaks Out on Boosting Accusations

by in Valorant | Jan, 4th 2021

Boosting and cheating is a real hot-button topic in Valorant right now, perhaps more than other esports. So when VAL_Kaylee claims to be the youngest female player to hit Radiant rank in Valorant, the cries of ‘boosting’ of course ring out. A pair of players, Kaden and Reduxx began digging for information to prove their case, and reportedly sent it to Riot Games. They claim to not want to start a witch hunt, despite doing just that. The internet definitely goes wild in situations like this. We agree that boosting is really causing problems in Valorant. We don’t have all of the facts, just what both sides are saying.

We’ll leave the truth up to Riot Games, though, as of now, they have yet to make a statement on this issue.

What Are The Accusations?

The youngest female Radiant in Valorant has hit back about the boosting allegations though.

Kay’s Response

It’s not safe to ever joke about being boosted. People can very much take that seriously. In Kay’s response, she points out that the Discord chat logs and accusations of “boosting” were made by her friends, and that they were joking around. She does apologize as far as that goes, saying:

“I’m very sorry, and I hope I will never joke about being boosted ever again because apparently it can do some damage.”

Then she says to not come after her friends to attack her. Kay does say she removed wei from her friends list after he was accused of cheating, and states many of the things Kaden and Reduxx accuse her of are misinterpreted. She maintains her innocence, and as of now, there’s no honest proof one way or another. You can find her video right here on Twitter.

Kay also had this to say:

“hey guys i wanna say i queued with my friends to radiant & i don’t play the game professionally.. i didn’t pay anyone to boost me and didn’t pay a cheater either? i didn’t want my tweet to blow up and i’m sorry for getting radiant :/ i trio queued and i guess i got lucky”

In Kay’s video response she also says she’s never spoken to the cheaters that she’s alleged to have played with, and asks that the facts be straight before posting a video about her. She also stands by having never paid for a boost, or played with cheaters. But if the screenshots do show her having queued with someone who was punished for cheating, it can’t look good to see that.

In Conclusion

Honestly, this is an incredibly convoluted situation. We aren’t accusing Kaylee of anything. Is it entirely possible she was playing with cheaters and had no idea? Of course, there’s a pretty serious cheating problem in Valorant. Valorant’s still very new and having so many claims of boosting and cheating in the game right now really eats away at the game’s integrity. She claims that her friends only played on her alternate account.

If her friends are higher rank than her or are on smurfs, it technically is boosting. Even if she’s not aware of it, that would still potentially count as being boosted. Playing with people who have been confirmed as cheaters isn’t a good look though. A lot of this feels like hearsay until Riot speaks up one way or another though.


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