The Warzone Invincibility Glitch is Back to Ruin Your Matches Again

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 13th 2021

Warzone’s “Invincibility” glitch might make you think your opponent is just hacking. However, this latest iteration of god-mode is something that virtually any player can do, and it’s absolutely ruining Warzone. Have we said that before? Well, it feels like every other week, there’s a new crazy awful thing making Warzone players furious, but we aren’t shocked by this one. All you need are a few things, and you can trigger this Warzone Invincibility Glitch. Hopefully, the devs hop on this one post-haste. You can see some footage of it here on Twitter.

Rytec and Riot Shield Are The Key

We aren’t in any way condoning using glitches in Warzone, but this one is a pretty easy one to do. It could result in people reporting you for cheating, that’s also key. When we heard “Oh, the Warzone Invincibility Glitch is back,” this writer assumed it was something outside of the player’s hands. That is just not the case. All you need is a Riot Shield and the Rytec Sniper Rifle. You can’t use them both at the same time, so you need a friend.

Perhaps the reason this took a while to trigger or find, is that the Rytec isn’t very popular. There’s a bug or glitch with Warzone that will trigger invincibility for the Riot Shield user. In a few clips shown on Reddit, this was occurring in Solos in Warzone. Rytec users were teaming up with Riot Shield wielders and relishing in invincibility. When players use a Riot Shield and get shot by a Rytec, they will drop to 1 HP, but not die. It also requires explosive rounds in the Rytec.

There’s no word on when or if this is being fixed, but people are working together in Solos to make this happen. A Riot Shield user pairs up with a Rytec and can make sure their friend can’t die. It sounds incredibly game-breaking and frustrating to have to deal with. A user on Reddit also pointed out that a Combat Bow may have been used in some of these as well. Apparently, this glitch for Invincibility has been around for a month now in Warzone, so we’re not expecting it to be solved anytime soon.


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