Generation Esports Forms Partnership with NJCAAE

by in Collegiate Esports | Sep, 1st 2020

The NJCAAE, otherwise known as National Junior College Athletic Association Esports, has officially teamed up with Generation Esports. Generation Esports is the entity behind the huge and competitive High School Esports League. We have the word of a new partnership between these two groups though, and Generation Esports will be providing their insights on esports to the  NJCAAE. GenE will be the Official Esports Platform for the NJCAAE, and that’s pretty huge.

Growth in Collegiate Esports

The NJCAAE is a fairly new organization, founded in 2019. They are the only national esports association that is devoted to two-year colleges. They’ve got a long way to go to gain ground, but partnering with Generation Esports could be just the trick.

This could be one of the huge steps needed to get recognition for esports at the college level and beyond. Generation Esports will bring their experience and insight to this new organization. As a part of bringing their insight, it will include the provision of gameplay rules, administration of competition and branding tournaments, as well as the onboarding process of schools, teams, and players. 

Mason Mullenioux, Co-Founder and CEO of Generation Esports spoke about the partnership:

“Generation Esports is honored to partner with the National Junior College Athletic Association Esports and share our knowledge, resources, and tools with their members. Through this partnership, together we’ll continue minimizing the barrier of entry to learn more about and directly get involved in esports, for students in middle school all the way to college.”

GenE is bringing so very much to collegiate esports, it sounds like! The NJCAAE continues to add more members to their esports platform and both orgs will host their regular-season competitions, which ultimately lead to national championships for the Fall and Spring Semesters. Generation Esports tournament platform will also help the NJCAAE provide in-depth statistics and leaderboards for these upcoming leagues.

A New Path

So, a positive to come out of this for Generation Esports is that the NJCAAE will direct esports partners and competitions to GenE, and will provide all marketing materials to hopefully drive participation by the NJCAAE schools and teams. Ideally, this will create a pipeline for the GenE competition system, from the Middle School level, all the way to NJCAAE. Having access to attention and resources for esports, this could be a beautiful thing for the growth of esports.

The Executive Director of the NJCAAE, Jeff White had this to say about the strategic partnership:

“We are incredibly excited to work with GenE and add to their history of excellence in esports. Further, this partnership reinforces our commitment to adding value to being a member of the NJCAAE. This value is not limited to the colleges, but also to the students at member institutions. We believe we have created the necessary connective tissue to make the transition from high school to community college even easier, thus ensuring new students will step on campus already highly engaged with their school’s extracurriculars. The fact that they have a best in class platform that students will already be familiar with is just icing on the cake.”

This sounds to us, like a tremendous deal. We need to see more official support and backing of esports to give them the legitimacy they deserve. We don’t want it to feel like outlaw mud shows, but serious competition by incredible professional esports athletes. They are that good, and this could be a step in the right direction.


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