The Matrix Reveal Unreal Engine Experience by Epic Games Prior to VGA

by in Entertainment | Dec, 7th 2021

The Matrix is a movie that’s brought about a lot of pop culture, with the series being a tale about humans being trapped in a simulation to be run like batteries. The series’ blend of special effects and massive action set pieces, as well as its social commentary, have made for one of the most influential film series of a long time. In the age of sequels and remakes, another film in the series is coming to attempt to remake what the original was capable of in theaters. But with all the new technology, their marketing for the film is going to be something more in line with the films. This is where Epic Games has stepped in to help The Matrix create an experience instead, using Unreal Engine 5.

The Matrix is teaming up with Epic Games to make an “Experience” in Unreal Engine 5 to promote the movie. The capabilities of Unreal Engine 5 are extremely impressive, and having players be able to jump into the Matrix Experience in preparation for the film is going to be something very impressive. However, one thing they haven’t mentioned about the experience is what it’s going to be. All players know is that the experience is coming soon.

The Matrix Awakens Pre-Load Announced

Players are going to be able to pre-load this experience from the Unreal Engine website in time for the announcement of The Matrix Awakens. However, the experience is only going to be available to those who are on the latest consoles. PC players are seemingly left out of the loop for this round, meaning that players on PC aren’t going to be able to preload it. However, there’s a chance there might be a drop online right as it’s announced. Being that the developers don’t want the experience to be datamined by computer players who have the files ready to go. The experience is going to be revealed at the game awards and is going to also include performances from both Keanu Reeves, and Carrie-ann Moss, who are both going to be at the Game Awards. 

Although, there’s no mention of PC being included in this release, so there’s a chance that PC won’t be included. However, one question remains about the experience. What’s going to be included in the experience?

What Could Be In The Experience

Being that this digital download is an “experience” there’s going to be some content for players to be able to interact with in the world of the Matrix with the help of Unreal Engine. However, with the name “experience” there’s not going to be a lot of content included in the game. It’s most likely going to be something along the lines of a short scene followed by something to showcase the power of Unreal Engine 5, and then possibly some combat so players can get a sense of what the film is going to be like, as well as being a part of the action. Once all that is over, it’s going to be the end of the experience, and players can either replay it or uninstall it.

This isn’t the first time that an “Experience” was made for movies. There was the John Wick Chronicles Experience for VR, which had the player participate in a shooting gallery before ending the experience. As well as a Spider-Man Far From Home VR experience, which brought players into the shoes of the web-slinger, allowing them to swing around the city before fighting a boss, in which the experience ended. However, players could jump back in to participate in time trials, as well as combat trials. 

With this information in mind, it’s not out of the ordinary to expect similar content in the Matrix experience, and Unreal Engine 5 seems to be up to the task. However, with the experience on consoles and not built specifically for VR, what the player is going to be capable of in the game is up to speculation. 

It seems players are going to have to wait until the experience goes live during the Game Awards, happening this week. This is going to include a reveal 2.5 years in the making from Geoff Keighley


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