The Battlefield 6 Reveal is Coming June 9th

by in General | Jun, 2nd 2021

Fans of EA and DICE’s Battlefield series were surprised today when Battlefield was shown to be revealed on June 9th, just a few short days before the beginning of E3. Players will get to see what the game has to offer for fans this upcoming Saturday.

The Announcement

On Twitter, Battlefield announced that the next mainline game would be making its grand entrance on June 9th. The teaser showed the game’s reveal date glitching into existence, which falls in line with the leaked trailer shown off last week. However, it could be speculated that the game will get a proper introduction aside from the reveal this week when EA takes the stage at E3.

However, the sudden reveal of the game before E3 might not be a coincidence. It could be a direct response to the leaked trailer that appeared online last week. The rumored trailer has similar video editing to the reveal teaser put out by the official Battlefield account.

According to the leaks, players would expect the game to occur in the future, departing from fictional versions of World War 1 and 2 with Battlefield One and Battlefield 5 respectively. Another inkling gained from the supposed leaks was that the new main mechanic for the game would be the weather. The leaked trailer showed off a space shuttle being torn asunder by a massive storm encompassing the warzone the characters were fighting in. If this leak is to be believed, it could mean that Battlefield 6’s release might be coming a little early as there would be no other reason for EA to announce a game so close to their E3 presentation next week.

Regardless of whether or not it’s true, Battlefield 6 is going to be revealed this coming Saturday, and fans will finally be able to see what DICE has been cooking up since their previous entry into the FPS series that has been rivals to Call of Duty all of these years prior.


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