Thailand Government Officially Declares Esports as Professional Sport

by in General | Sep, 23rd 2021

Esports in Thailand has been a growing industry. Even American organizations have shown interest in Thailand and the SEA region. Yesterday, a tweet from the International Esports Federation announced that Thailand’s government had officially recognized esports as a professional sport. This declaration was published in the Royal Thai Government Gazette, a public journal of record of Thailand where initiatives and laws are typically announced by the Thai government, according to a report coming from The National Thailand. The announcement by the Thai government was posted to the Thai E-Sports Federation (TESF) Facebook page, which contains the entirety of the announcement and order made by the Thai government. This news is a pretty huge boon for the Thai esports industry, but what exactly is the Thai government planning to do when it comes to esports?

A Brief History of the Thai Government’s Involvement

The Thai government has actually been working alongside the TESF on a number of various government collaborations that have provided the necessary training to government employees to better understand the esports industry and assist them in organizing regional competitions.


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